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Road raged for not riding in a trucks blind spot

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Willzah, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Im riding down princess hwy, left lane. middle lane there is a truck, so i decide not to ride up into the blind spot, as you do. just infront of the truck is a car in my lane so obviously i couldnt jsut pass the truck. then some asshat in a old falcon, marone colour N--076 i think i cant remember the rest. comes up my ass n flashes his lights...for what me to move 5 meters infront and get stuck again. the car eventually picks up speed infront and i speed up over take truck and on my way. but noo this ass hat decided to come up on the right side of me and try to yell through his passenger window through my helmet at 80kmh at me. that got me annoyed. i decided to do the right thing and leave it, so i weaved away in traffic to get away from him. BUT noooooooooo he decides he hasnt had enough so he comes up on my left now and winds down his window, attempts to throw his cigrette at me...not liek that works in 80kmh. now this really gets me pissed off. he tries to weave away, so i decided that if you can deal road rage, you can take it. i start to chase him, followed him for a bit. i think at this moment he starts to freak out, and he tries to lose me...try out manouvering a bike in a cage. hes lucky he didnt get a red light or i would have gave him a ear full. i felt justice was done, and went on my merry way...

    people theses days....jsut to move 5 metres infront and get nowhere anyway
  2. you chased after him??..you should have left it at that and rode away (the other way).
  3. Crazy you did the right thing by not getting in the truck's blind spot. That's one way to be crushed.
  4. You'll get assholes like that from time to time.
    BIG mistake following him, IMHO, sorry.
    He could've been a looney. That shit ain't worth risking your life for!
  5. This was while you were in the left lane? I don't quite get it...what was the guy's issue? Why didn't he pass the truck on the right? I obviously need one of those skilfully drawn computer images :p
  6. Fuzzy i have noidea why he didnt pass the truck on the right....

    Me following him...im a not all there either, but i know how to handle myself, all those years as a teen running a muck on the street.... Yes i was one of those F*&@#JSDU kids...unfortunally.... plus i wouldnt have followed down back streets, just on the main roads. i could see him scanning where i was on his mirrors, im pretty sure he freaked out.
  7. Willzah,
    First and foremost, it's good to hear you got out of it ok. Like everyone, I find each ride that I'm priviledged to go on results in at LEAST one incident/near accident event occuring on Melbourne roads, regardless of which suburb.
    Though you've described yourself as being able to take care of yourself, I guess what the others here are saying is to just be careful.
    There are some very very strange people out there on the roads nowadays..totally irrational and dangerous. One never knows what limits they will go to, just like the maniac in your recent event.
    I'm sure you freaked him out :cool: but as good ol' Murphy ensures, it could've gotten lots worse.
    Be safe dude.
  8. My standard tactic with aggressive tailgaters is to swerve into another lane, even if it is an emergency lane or a lane for traffic travelling in the opposite direction, and slam on the brakes. They go wooshing by with a WTF? look on their faces. Then I accelerate to speed, commence tailgating them, and quickly memorise their number plate, make, model, and colour. If when I get home I am still pissed off, then it's Dob In A Hoon time. Otherwise, it's just another day on Victorian roads.

    I wonder if blokes riding Harleys with "Guns don't kill people, I do" stickers on their fenders get this kind of BS? No of course not. Most road ragers are complete farkin cowards.

    Glad you're OK Willzah. ;)
  9. The guy probably saw you riding and thought "hey look at this guy on his bike, time for me to have my daily 'feel like a big man' fix". Because we all know how much he must hate his life.
  10. Mobile hands free, and havin Triple-0 stored.

    "Help some guys trying to run me off the road, I think he's drunk, all weaving and stuff". Should work a treat.

    You, imho, did the right thing by staying within sight of the truckie(If you cannnot see my mirrors I cannot see you stickers were come up with for a reason). I wouldn't of followed him though. Your safety > others. The likely hood that a person is going to *deliberately* hit you in the rear, would be low.
  11. mate if u remember his plate, report him for littering (flicked smoke out window) theres a dob in number somewhere on the net
  12. mmm hate wankers who throw butts out the window. take note of rego/model, and any other specifics you can like who threw it out, male or female, time, location, what was it if not a ciggy, etc.

    and report the f*cker. they get a fine which they can only contest in court. if you're willing to stand up in court, then they cant really get out of it eh :)
  13. Apparently people have started fires in their own cars by throwing a lit cigarette out the drivers' window and the it has been sucked back into the car via the rear window.

    Just a thought. :)
  14. yea the only problem is i remember N blank blank and i think 076.

    Plus if you want something to happen, you actually have to go to court to have them get a littering fine.

    Theres a difference when hes following me and when i follow him. i did it in a way so that even if he braked hard, i wasnt nowhere near close enough to him to make me hit his ass, besides i would just hover behind him in the left and right side lanes. you could see him trying to look for me in his mirrors every time i slow down and change lanes.

    hide behind a car for a bit, then come up next to him give him the eye, slow down a bit.

  15. I like your style Willzah :grin:
  16. Hmm...throw a butt back into the car when it stops at the lights?
  17. thought about that, but he closed his window. wasnt exactly a warm day.

    maybe next time he decides to harras a L plater (im not a L plater) he might think twice