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road rage

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by big_grant, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. i was just wondering how everyone else deals with road rage from drivers?

    im on my l's, and have only been riding since i got my bike last monday, but today was just too beautiful a day to pass up a nice long ride. i rode around all day, visited some friends and showed off my new baby.

    on the way home, i started to merge by doing what i was taught, indicate, check mirrors, headcheck. couldnt see anything, then as i started to merge a white hatchback was next to me, i think he was behind me, and my front peg scraped the front panel of his car, he sped past me, and i slowed and finished merging, and he stopped in front of me.

    i stopped, he got out, shouting at me, before i could even ask if there was any damage, he just started yelling at me more, swearing at me, etc etc, so i told him to back off as he was walkign towards me, the passenger then got out.

    the guy then came up, punched me in the face (my visor was open, lesson learned there). so i told him off, went off at him, and the passenger held the guy off me, so i told him im reporting it, and started copying his licence plate down onto a sms to myself. this is where they got in the car and sped off

    on the way home, saw some police parked, so i pulled up and reported the guy then and there.

    has anyone else ever had this happen??
  2. sorry to hear that bro.. uncilvilised people are are everywhere. I personally haven't encountered anything like this. If I have, I would have done the same.. take down their details and report them to the police.. Can probably sue them as well?
  3. Dude! Thats nuts! (and completely sucks balls).

    I've had angry drivers heaps of times, and I've had words with a few as well, but what you're describing has never happened.

    I would say it's not representative of the average day out on the bike, so don't be put off.

    I'm happy to chat with a driver and I'll own up if I screw up, but if they get out of the car and start getting aggressive or even look really mad, I say just split, right then right then.
  4. gosh!....

    damn people are crazy. at least you dont have to pay for any damages now :grin:

    no one has ever got out of the car and come at me before. probably wouldn't be a good idea with my short fuse anyway. not that i'm massive or anything, but i could imagine things escalating quiet fast.

    a mate of mine once told a guy that he couldn't afford to pay for accident damages straight away. coz the guy had my mates details he rocked up to his house with a few friends and punched my mate in the face.

    I think in some of these situations just remain calm, display non threatening behaviour, and if things do get out of control just report the mofo to cops.
  5. That would be assault wouldn't it? Hope they action it and get something done and also hope that you follow through with charges.

    As regards the OP, then try to avoid confrontation, you have no idea what other people might do and even though it might sound melodramatic, it's better to walk away than be stabbed, punched or worse.
  6. that's bad news big fella - hope you're ok. chances are this idiot has a history of this sort of thing and he will already have a record.

    do you have to go to the cop shop to make an official statement? if you're not sure I'd suggest you go anyway and do it.

    if you have any injuries, split lip etc make sure you take photos and maybe even visit a doctor for a check up. also, take a look at your helmet to see if he left any skin, hair or blood which you could photograph then bag up or show to the coppers.

    maybe we should start a forum topic listing car/truck drivers who have done this sort of thing to us bikers. I'm not suggesting any vigilante action, honestly I'm not!

    it often happens that car drivers will try to out muscle bikers when it comes to merging. remember, just because you have right of way doesn't mean you will given it. no point being run over just because you were in the right.

    as bikers we must be smarter than other road users and even when it's not our fault, it is our fault if you know what I mean. as for this tool, he'll get his one day, the big loud mouth posers always do.
  7. you could understand that they were upset at the nudge, but punching is beyond ridiculous.
    if anything, the assault just got you out of any repair bill.

    there is strange people out there, just dont let it hinder your learning.

    got no real advice for you, only to keep in contact with the cops, assault is just wrong.
  8. i would say im gunna end up with a black eye from it. bike is ok, helmet is ok, i didnt even get a chance to ask if his car was ok.

    as for the statement, the cops wen i spoke to them took an offical statement on the spot. they were really good about it all. i must commend them on that behlaf.
  9. He saw your L plate and thought he'd try it on.

    As well as what chilliman has said above, get any paint from his car that might still be on your footpeg.

    You said you started to get his number; did you succeed?

    You should also put an advert in the local paper asking for witnesses to contact you and/or Campbelltown Police.
  10. make sure you follow it up though, push it all the way.
    accidents happen but violence like that is not on.
    the other bloke needs to have some kind of repercussions.
  11. Spot on. Evidence is essential in being able to PROVE any charges.

    Hope you got the coppers names, if not phone the station they are from so that you can continue to deal with them one on one and find out how their enquiries are going and when they would like you to come in and make a statement.

    If they just want to shake the matter off then ask to speak to the Sergeant or Officer In Charge to make your complaint, but make sure you make one as you never know, the people from the car could be sitting at a different police station right now making their statements and telling "their side" of the event.

    Good luck with it all.
  12. when i was on my Ls in a car park i was reversing out noone near me when a P plater floored it and came up behind me i stopped but he got pissed off got out of the car screaming at me so my dad got out hes only 5foot 11 but fairly built so the guy tried to take him on (didn't want to look like a fool in front of his mate) and i had to stop my dad quite funny afterwards seeing as im only small and female. it really pisses my dad off when big guys have a go at me.
    hope your ok
  13. i got the cops name, there was actually 4 of em, and they all were eager to help, ask if i was ok.

    and yeah, i got a full licene plate number, car type, even shape, pulsars r so easy, especially wen they r the older square shape, and descriptions of driver and passenger, no paint wot so ever on my peg, its a rubber peg.

    i mean, i might be only 22, and 5'10, but im pretty solid build, hence the name, lol, and my dad was pulled over 50m ahead of me, and he is 6'1 and solid, so i wasnt in too much danger, but i did get worried wen he went and looked in the back seat of his car.
  14. unfortunately these f/wits are everywhere. we have to get used to cagers acting irrationally and aggressively toward bikers. the best advice I can give is to do whatever it takes to avoid a physical confrontation - apologise, don't argue, accept name calling - a little dent to the pride is better than being bashed/stabbed/run over etc etc. easy advice to give, very hard to follow. I post on a USA based bikers forum - over there these situations quickly escalate into people having guns pulled on them and sometimes getting shot in these types of confrontations - best to try to avoid the aggro whenever possible.

    remember - the best ride is always the next one!
  15. nice words and heres for hoping we dont encounter too much of that kinda reaction here
  16. Sorry to hear about that sorry state of affairs big_grant. When I was a courier a road-rage-cager :mad: chased one of our guys and cornered him in a parking lot. But he hadn't realised our buddy had made a call on the 2-way. Bikes came from everywhere and swarmed the carpark, the guy turned white. He was invited to take his leave immediately and did so without a whimper :grin:
    I don't know if you've had the warm fuzzy feeling yet, of looking across at the lights and having a rider nod to you. But we have something they :driver: don't, actually we have a lot of things.
    Mate, you're not alone out there, stay safe.
  17. while i was riding today, i got several nods (and i replied with a nod) from a lot of riders out there. they make you feel welcome and acknowledged. its nice to see friendly faces on the road too.
  18. There's a lot of angry idiots in the world, many of them drive shitbox cars and actively look for confrontation. You were fortunate, I have seen a rider mown down for some pecieved infringement, by a tosser in a 4wd (dont get me started on 4wd's) - the rider was very lucky to live and his bike was mangled. Driver did time, it think (I was called as a witness).

    Good that you are carrying on, regardless!
  19. You still had your helmet on, HEADBUTT THE F$#%^r, then kick the shite outta him with your boots!
  20. Man what a nutter. Hope you are able to nail his ass the the magistrates wall. What was the rego? :twisted: