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Road Rage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rusti_GotRage, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Hi moron...

    Yes, you in the car pulled over to the side of the road.

    It's not that you've pulled up to have a chat to someone walking past...


    AND it's raining....

    AND you're within 2 car lengths of a T intersection, blocking peoples vision of oncoming traffic - which in this case includes ME.

    YOU'RE the reason I nearly got wiped out by a guy (who to be fair, it wasn't REALLY all his fault!) who was turning right and cut right across MY NOSE.

    YOU'RE the reason I had to brake hard, in the wet, ON A SPEEDHUMP, WHILE RIDING A MOTORCYCLE to avoid becoming some tradie's new hood ornament!!

    If you WANT to chat to someone walking past, PULL OVER PROPERLY, PARK and either invite them into the car, or get out and chat to them you all-consuming butt-wad!!

    And if you didn't appreciate my scream of incoherant rage as I rode off, I put it down to stress relief at having survived a near accident caused by your SELFISH SUPIDITY!

  2. Hey Rusti that's a nice vent, living up to your name, that's good.

    There's morons everywhere, hey?

    Now, what can you tell us other noobs about howto avoid these incidents? What should you have done here differently?
  3. Fuck there's some idiots around, huh?
    Deep breaths Rusti dude ;)
  4. Don't think you can do anything differently, other than stop, get off, walk over and give the drivers door a 'love-kick' to remind arse-clown that he's an oxygen thief!

    This is why us noobs have got to learn to keep an eye open at all times for twats like this.

    Thankfully, I've brought many years of pent up road rage to the bike & now that I'm padded up & wearing a helmet I'm not afraid to 'release' my inner child!
  5. No good just keeping an eye open. Surely there's other action that might be important? Pretty sure they mentioned something about it both at our Ls and Ps training...
  6. The finger??

    Seriously though, you need to continually scan your environment and ride to the conditions. Scan ahead, often way ahead. You're in a better position than most drivers as you're sitting up higher. This way you can brake in time & perform effective defensive manouvres instead of pannicked skidding. There's a real skill in anticipating what a tosser will do but fortunately it's a skill that can be developed.

    You need to keep in mind that nobody can see you and ride to that. Drivers aren't looking for cyclists, they're busy scanning for 'two headlights' and car spaces they can squeeze into. You are only seen if you happen to pop into their field of vision (ie STRAIGHT ahead) and even then you're lucky if they aren't mid-Uturn across 3 lanes.
  7. haha. Yeah, I reckon the OP did well, especially considering the numerous hazards, to not require an e-brake. Must have done a lot right. Be nice for us noobs to have that angle as well.
  8. It was his responsibility to check for oncoming traffic, and if his field of vision was blocked by the aforementioned fvckwit, it was his responsibility to move to a position where he could see, before he made his turn. I reckon they both would have been charged if you became a hood ornament.
  9. After nearly being run off the road today by a butcher's van who came tearing up the lane on my right, overtaking, and then merging on top of me, I've decided to convert my bike to a dual-muffler system...

    ...One for exhaust, and one for storage of my shiny new titanium baseball bat.

    I've already started practicing hands-free bike control so that I can get a max-power, two handed swing off as I pass their mirror.
  10. wow you sure showed him !
  11. Who said anything about panicked skidding?
    There's a reason I attend every Saturday morning to practice my e-braking skills! And they worked

    ...possibly not the best route... but we can dream....!
  12. Glad your ok rusti ;)
  13. I was in the slammer for a while with a nice chap from Victoria, who was a warfie. He told me with a bright clear smile and childish enthusiasm, that he liked Aluminium baseball bats.

    "Why's that, Max?"

    "Because they rinse clean in cold water."
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  14. irony?
  15. Glad you are ok Rusty. But you should have stopped & 'explained' the situation to that idiot!.
  16. Sorry, i don't gwt what all the fuss is about. Sure the drivers a retard, but it's not like suddenly appeared. Could you have not anticipated some things were likely to happen and prepare, or ride accordingly?

    Yes, yes. The driver stopped poorly, but forget that. It's happened...it's an obstacle to be dealt with. What did you do, and what did you expect other drivers to do?
    That's the question?
    (oh...while satisfying, yelling and screaming does'nt count. :)
  17. Firstly - in answer to your initial sentence:
    Consider me as having vented...

    As for what could I have done:

    - I saw a problem situation,
    - took steps to preserve myself and my bike (Drive around the moron)
    - saw another person coming out of a 'give way' street - monitored them with caution, (ie; set-up to stop if he proved to be an idiot too)
    - on seeing that they either didn't see me due to the first idiot, or didn't care, executed a maneuver I had practiced (and set-up for) to avoid an accident and preserve myself and my bike.

    As far as I'm concerned, I did everything right.

    I even had an escape plan in the event that I needed to cut inside the line of the ute coming out of the T and tun into his street instead of going straight on, but my anger and frustration come from the sheer cluelessness and inconsiderate nature of drivers.

    And so I vent... after all, that's why this particular part of the forum exists!
  18. Glad you are OK rusty.

    I unfortunately didn't manage to avoid being a hood ornament this week.

    No matter how many times I replay the incident in my head, I can't see how the outcome could have been better.