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Road rage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nicko18, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. this isn't actually an incident on my bike. I was in my car turning right and this van to the left of me tries to duck up the inside and overtake me from the 'left turn only' lane. I don't let him in because I thought i'd get stuck inside the intersection as the cars ahead were stopped, plus I don't normally respond to driving like that by creating large gaps for them to duck into. Anyway he gets in this furious rage about it. I see him mouthing off in my mirrors and he's tailing my arse all the way home.

    I figure, if I actually go home then i'm gonna be worried about him knowing my address and slashing my tyres or something, so I pull up at a random house about a suburb away and pull into their driveway (looks like nobody's home). When I notice he'd also pulled his van up to the kerb i'm quietly shitting myself that he might get physical.

    Lucky for me i had this in the car...


    It was out of battery and everything but as i got out of the car I held up the camcorder pretending to tape what was about to happen. He keeps sitting in his van for a good 3 minutes and i keep the camera trained on him. He then drives away.

  2. So you led him to somebody else's house. Pretend you are the actual homeowner for a second and you are reading this...
  3. This belongs in off topic, no motorcycle content here.
  4. Yeah, hope they don't live a suburb away from me
  5. just drive to a petrol station/local police station next time.. ?
  6. Just beeline for the closest freeway and drive slowly for an hour or two. He'll get the point.
  7. Jesus people are nuts, I seriously think people like this need to be placed in the woods while they are hunted down by arrows, should help them chill out a bit and put things into perspective.
  8. Situations like this are part of the reason police stations exist.