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Road Rage with silver service...!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Morning all!! Bit worked up this morning, on my run into work i lane filter a set of traffice lights (going towards town on the bridge over the train tracks for Sir Don Bradman drive for you Adelaidians) and when I'm waiting at the left turn lane for wst tce a Silver Service taxi (number plate taxi 2422) pulls up on my left to ask me why we do "that like dickheads".

    I reply "well dickhead if we didn't and all the bikes in front don't you wait longer so get a life"

    To which he tells me im this and that and all these other names and hes gonna punch me out (Still sitting in his taxi belted up mind you)

    I laugh at and inform him (he may be blind i dont know) i have a fullface helmet and show him my knuckle protectors and say jump out mate ill drop ya before this lights gone green...

    To which he says oh well ill just knock you off your bike...

    At this stage im shaking my head at him and decided to wheel my bike back and take note of his number plate, light goes green we take off i take off and get two lanes over and he tries to swerve over to get me...

    So i slow down and when he got stuck in traffic I lanesplitted his drivers side again and he tried to cut me off again but what was even funnier is the car on his right moved over to let me through... So i pulled up next to him and he starts shouting more stuff I couldn't hear what as I had the gippie on redline next to his ear (I know its not super loud but its better than a 50cc redline :p ) did that for a few seconds then moved to the front of the traffic just to make him more jealous... :p

    Main question, does anyone know the number I ring to complain about these fookers in SA???
  2. Ring Silver Service - 133100

    Rip him to shreds man...
  3. what an arsehole!!!

    That's rich coming from a taxi...every single taxi I've been in in my entire life has
    a) been speeding my a minimum of 10kph up to 20kph
    b) gone through red lights
    c) cut off other cars/bikes/cyclists/pedestrians

    can't find a number for Silver Service in the white pages....

    maybe try Adelaide Independant taxis on 13 2211
  4. Bloody assault laws... that's the perfect situation where a few good whacks through the window would help to bring a little balance into the world, but no...

  5. OoowwwwWW.........CUT....HIM....DOWN fluffy bunny feet!!!!

    hmmm, that didn't sound as intense as i wanted it to :)

  6. Oh i thought about it hard when he told me he was gonna knock me off my bike. decided I've grown up now and thats not the option but rather to complain and get a few professional drivers i know to ring in and say they saw it too ;)
  7. jealosy always brings out the best in people :p :p

    shoulda just laughed at him and chucked him a good nyer nyer with the hand actions and got on your way. no use getting peeved at him, better he bursts a blood vessel sitting in traffic than you :LOL:
  8. Ring the Taxi Board as well. His car can be deregistered for those action.
  9. Nice one, Fluffy.

    That deserves a prize, I'll shout you a drink Wed night.

    You could have 'split' down his left hand side, and taken out his mirror. That would be justice.
  10. Yep ring the taxi company and complain - if they're not helpful tell them you'll take the matter up with the police (he did threaten you after all), that should shake them up a bit. Any luck the guy will lose his job - might help make the roads a little safer (nice work resisting the temptation to punch something/one by the way).
  11. You have to wonder why we as a society let clearly disturbed people operate heavy machinery in public.

    Just because some jerk's having a bad morning, why should that give him the right to threaten a total stranger?

    I'd definitely report him to the taxi company, and to the police for (a) threatening to knock you off the bike, and (b) swerving at you.

    Did he have a fare in the back while all this was going on?
  12. Make sure you report him to the police too or he may go to the police and tell a different story.

  13. Just found out silver service in Adelaide is part of the Yellow cab company...

    Rang them up and got put onto a very nice calming lady ( I guess she's used to this lol) who was very very upset that a silver service drvier had acted this way. She has taken my whole story, name and number and promised to take it straight to her boss, and apologised for the actions of silly driver again and again, also said thats he's obviously lost it if he can't accept a motorbike filtering thru traffic at the lights :p

    So at least the poor girl that takes complaints about the drivers is a nice lass...
  14. ...plenty loud enough.

    Now is that the pot calling the kettle black or what?!?!? :shock: A taxi driver abusing another road user for supposedly poor judgement and inconsiderate road use... for fuggs sake...

    Technically, you could charge him with assault and since he used his car as a weapon, attempted battery and something along the lines of reckless driving endangering life.

    I think each state has a taxi directorate thing you could aim a complaint to.

  15. Good thought... I got 24 hrs from the incident to do that don't I
  16. I would still do a report with the police. We cant accept that sort of behaviour not if he tried running you over.
  17. Wow dude.... that sucks big time!!! Glad you came out of it okay (as in didn't get knocked down). Hope this guy gets what he deserves.... I certainly don't want to be on the same streets as him... especially when I'm on the pushie into work!!

  18. Nah no fare at the time, that wouldve been great!!! :p

    Reported ti to Yellow cabs, will report it to the policemen on my way home...

  19. lol yeah I'll hold ya to that one if it doesnt rain too much this week ;)
  20. we should start a Adelaide Netriders weekly get together lunch or coffee afterwork???