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Road rage on the Western Port

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Donuts, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Not so much a near miss but thought it was worth posting up anyway, as it would've been a dangerous situation if I was on the bike and not surrounded by over a ton of steel...

    Driving along the Western Port at about 3 pm today, a tired-looking ford sedan appears in my rear vision mirror and seems to be in a rush, as he's swapping lanes back and forth between the two cars behind me (a fair way back). I'm sitting in the right lane, both are pretty busy and the left is only doing about 90, whereas the right (me and about 4 cars in front of me that I could see) are doing 100. Eventually this guy gets through the cars behind me, and within a few seconds he's behind me - he hangs back for about 30 seconds, then gets about as close as he can without attaching his car to mine, which is downright dangerous, especially at 100 KM/h. I don't move over, for several reasons, including a) no room on my left anyway, b) I don't want to be stuck going 90 KM/h and I'm still overtaking, c) I never move over for someone who gets right up my arse for no good reason and d) There's 3 cars directly in front of me doing the same speed, then not much further along, even more cars doing the same. So, this guy sits up my arse for a while, then starts throwing up the fingers, and visibly getting VERY VERY angry - to the point where the drivers around me knew what was going on and were giving me "wtf is his problem looks".

    This continues on for a while, until we get to a roundabout. I go through, he does not until about 40 seconds later... then 30 seconds later, he's right behind me again, still fuming. Enough room (barely) opens up to the left of me and he takes it, comes up alongside me, still fuming and throws some trash (scrunched up brown bag, possibly maccas) out the window, then continues zipping up the left past the 4 cars im with (we're all doing 100), and comes up behind another car, gets right up behind them and is swearing and throwing his hands in the air, then starts swerving from left to right within his lane as hard as he can without losing it (at which point I dropped right back because I was certain he was about to). This obviously intimidated the driver in front of him who accelerated over 100, giving him enough (again, barely) space to cut past the car he was neck and neck with in the right lane and get to the front of the pack. That was the last I saw of him before he planted his foot and disappeared, well above the speed limit.

    Absolute :jerk:, and I hope he enjoys the EPA fine for littering that is on the way to his mailbox [-X . Part that annoyed me most was that during his swerving bullshit, we passed a speed camera, had it been a cop this :censored: would've been pulled over for sure and not left to catch up to the next group of drivers and hurl abuse at them until he was able to go ridiculous speeds again (he didn't get pinged by the road safety device either :-s )...

  2. He's a nutter. But just to play devil's advocate, how would he be able to come up the left of 4 cars if the left lane is full? If the bloke is doing warp factor 9, it doesn't slow anyone down just to move over and let him through. He'll be gone, and with much less drama. Who knows, maybe next time it will be someone with an actual emergency, not just a Macca's Wrappa throwing nutter.
  3. What a loser... probably late for his penis enlargement...
  4. He was a tool but it's always easier to let the faster guy pass when you have enough room on the left. Things can get really nasty in case of an accident so I prefer to avoid any conflict whenever I'm on the road being on the bike or in the cage.

    Just my 0.02
  5. I didn't want to make the OP too wordy, the story unfolded a lot slower than the post would make out. But to clarify your question - most of the cars following us had a clean run through the round about (so got ahead), I sat for about 10 seconds then went and he had to sit for longer, I caught up to the 3 cars I'd been following pretty quickly.

    I agree with the last part of your post and would do exactly that on the bike (and I never sit in the right lane needlessly in either vehicle), but when I'm in the cage I don't mind raising the blood pressure of the people who'd usually be threatening my life if I were on the bike instead :).
  6. Came across wrong with c - Like I said above, I never sit in the right lane needlessly. So if I'm travelling in it, it's because I'm turning in the next hundred metres or so, or because it's going at least 5 KM/h faster than the left. So if someone comes up behind me and gets right up my arse for following several cars with a 2 second gap, I'm not going to move over to let him take my spot (and tailgate the next guy), then move in behind him.

    (sorry for the double post, screwed up the edit, not used to new software)
  7. Unfortunately holding your ground takes alot of balls when you're on a motorbike. Onya Donuts for reporting him to the EPA.
  8. Again I point out that this is why cars should be banned. Had he been on a bike, he could have split passed you at a rate of knots and crashed at the round about ahead, thus clearing the gene pool.
  9. :rofl::LOL::LOL::LOL:

    Funniest post!!!! +1 million!!!!
  10. prob best to just move over, but i know from past similar experience its not that easy when you see someone behaving like knob. good job reporting him on the litter, that was a nice touch