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Road Rage: just keep away on a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heli, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. Yeah. There's a bit of posturing goes on here about kicking mirrors and whatnot. But whatever the provocation, just don't.
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  2. How Sad. A day starting off normal for all involved ends with a riders life lost. Families life destroyed. Drivers life all but over all because of a split moment where tempers couldn't be controlled.

    It seems "having an escape route" whilst riding a bike should be not only a physical one, but also a mental one as well if you start seeing red.
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  3. As riders we see the little things people do each day that annoy us and as much as we would like to 'educate' drivers on the road its simply not worth letting the actions of some a$$hat dictate how you feel or react.

    A beep of a horn, or shake of a head should be it.. There's no point in escalating it beyond that. Don't become the aggressor.. Riding angry / upset is no good.
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  4. I had a conscious change in mindset whist changing from a recreational rider to a commuter. Smile and move on, escalation never ends in a good outcome. Easier said than done in some circumstances, but I fancy arriving home intact.
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  5. Agreed. I've had a change in my mindset too. When I used to see red, I just laugh now. (A real laugh too - not a fake one. I know that, because I normally feel better afterwards - must release those endorphins or something :) I've learned that it's better to laugh at other peoples stupidity than to get angry - and my life's certainly much lighter (there's plenty of stupid people out there to keep me entertained) :) ).
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  6. On the bike I seem to have avoided the dreaded road rage, but Tuesday I was allowed to drive my car and watched a testosterone rich fool try to pick on a young female driver in a much smaller car. As I was ahead of her, traffic stopped at the next lights and he came across the lane divider and tried to intimidate her. I hopped out and took a few photos with the phone camera which got his attention and he oxtrot foscar'd, but it was a prime example of how short some people see life.

    Ride safe and enjoy the ride, everyone :D
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  7. Its worth noting it takes virtually nothing to trigger an aggressive driver and many will generate their own anger and simply take it out on easy targets such as motorcyclists.

    I've had 2 notable unprovoked aggressive encounters in the past few months leading to drivers cracking:

    1) Filtered to the front of stationary traffic, when the lights went green the driver behind me swerved out of the turning lane, accelerated beside me then tried to ram me into the lane beside resulting in a near miss with the car beside. After continuing through the intersection the driver brake-tested me, tried to force me to overtake then tried to get out of the car to confront me. His justification gathered from him shouting at me as I've forced his door shut was "Lane Filtering is Illegal". Reviewing the video the even the cops were amazed when I filled a report and declared it unprovoked.

    2) I'm 2up heading down a dual lane road in the left lane. Car in the right lane indicates and stops, the car behind it suddenly pulls left from the stationary into my lane forcing me to evasively swerve into the gutter to get around it. As I've swerved around him I've shaken my head and given him a hand gesture to put his phone down then continued on dismissing it as just another careless mistake. Several minutes later unaware of conflict he catches up to tailgates me, bemused of who he was I waved him around to find the driver pull alongside and scream "you wankers...." and continue on for a few minutes.

    Certainly always have an escape plan in mind for both emergency avoidance and for nutcases deliberately trying to run you off the road for no apparent reason....always try to dismiss it and move on if possible as 2tonns of car will always win over 200kg of motorcycle.
  8. Exactly. Treat them all as nutjobs high on meth and survive.
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  9. Got a link? :)
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  10. Yep people are idiots, never assume they are thnking straight.

    I was riding my bicycle home late the other night, and crossed a road on a red pedestrian light whilst a taxi was entering the road from a stop out of a service station 100 metres back down the road. Now yes, what I did wasn't legal. But the taxi driver massively over reacted. As I entered the bicycle lane, I could here him floor the accelerator and honked his horn for a good 5 seconds as he accelerated to catch up to me.
    Seeing as even after even flooring it, and he still hadn't caught up, what I did was never going to affect him, I turned around and gave him the finger for such an overreaction. He then swerved into the bike lane. I jumped the curb and gave him a mouthful. He went on his way again, so I entered the road again, only for him to slam on his brakes trying to get me to run into him. Now I was really pissed off at him for trying to hurt me for a simple traffic infringement. This guy is supposed to be a professional driver. Anyway long story short, he was willing to use his car as a weapon because I had offended him by giving him the finger (well I also told him he must be so angry because he has a small penis after catching him at the next set of lights).

    What's funny, is he drove through a set of red lights at the end of our encounter. I wish I'd caught his rego though, but was busy letting my adrenaline get the better of me.
  11. In reply to Bjpitt, I pushie commute, and generally apply myself pretty well. I take road craft very seriously, engine or not, but this one time I fudged up. Working long hours and overtired I jumped a crossing light which I would never normally do.

    An older guy driving a new Merc had it going on, saw me, e braked and swerved. Now i fully prepared to accept my Sydney road raging punishment, for I was ashamed, embarrassed and disappointed in myself. Go for your life Merc dude.

    No. He just looked me in the eye and shook his head slowly like a really disappointed dad. I can still see that reaction now. 2 years later. That had much more of an effect on me than getting his road rage on. I saw him a few months later in my cage, and he was struggling to exit a driveway - I slowed and flashed him in.

    Then a few months ago a taxi almost took me out in the moto. We ended up at the same petrol station. I walked calmly over, he met me half way with his hands up saying sorry. We had a talk about it, and probably both learned something for the future.

    There's better ways of doing it hey...
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  12. Agreed, I wish everyone held that point of view. Everyone does something silly and I'm the first to admit it when I do with an apology to the driver. But this taxi driver was one of those who you really need to look out for. He accelerated once he thought I had done the wrong thing to try and punish me. First sign that someone is in a deranged state of mind. A rational person at the time - this was not.
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  13. Yeah, that taxi was some next level crazy. I actually had the truck driver from Duel trying to deliberately run me down once. They are few, but they are out there. I had the truck on full HD front and rear cams, that was a serious adrenaline rush I had to out accelerate the MR truck. He tapped my rear wheel and I found a bit more speed before I went under. Despite the footage the police prosecutor couldn't make it stick as no other human witnesses. Was in a company truck through so doubt he still works for them.

    I used to have my red mist moments on the roads, push or cage, but did grew out of it thankfully to be more zen about it. Reading a book The Enlightened Cyclist helped a lot , and has some universal concepts that would equally apply to all road users.

    That said, having driven and ridden on 4 continents, I have to say Australia is pretty much the most aggressive. And I was driving in Istanbul earlier this year!
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  14. Yeah, GTFOOT: get the f*** out of there. Just not worth it.

    I'll sometimes do the forked finger point to my eyes to signal 'use them!' after someone has pulled across on me, but it's always pretty gentle and always as I'm blasting away.

    Enough people c0ck up and then wave an apology, though, that I just tend to assume humans are human and make allowances for it... and seldom have an incident these days.