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Road rage in Neutral Bay. Was this you?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Were you the P plater on the blue CB?

    Did you get slapped in the side of the head by a guy who had gotten out of his car because you cut him off and then "talked back" to him?

    I have his rego, PM if you want it.
  2. hahahahahahahaha
  3. I'm with the driver on this one.
    (i) Cut him off;
    (ii) gave him a gobful;
    (iii) got a smack.
    Trust me I would NOT be pushing this one if I was the rider.
  4. So you condone violence then in road rage incidents ?

    So what if he said something -- YOU AND I have NO idea what the rider may have said

    really whats the point of getting out of your car and getting aggressive if you get cut off ?

    Does it solve anything ?

    Does it make you feel like you have won something ?

    I believe all it does it show the car driver to be an aggressive twat

    When I get cut off I may flip someone the bird to show my displeasure but that's it nothing more and I smile when I do it

    I am usually just happy that nothing serious happened

    Had I been the rider and some one smacked me ( talking back or not - as I have a right to speak )- rest assured it would be an act that I would ensure would cripple them financially for life
  5. Apologies for posting in the wrong forum.

    Anyway the rider was definitely at fault, no blinker or anything.

    I think the driver was justified until he got out of his car and tried to start a fight.

    That's not necessary.
  6. assault and an independant witness, cha-ching $$$
  7. So the rider performed an illegal manoeuvre, too close to other traffic ("cut him off"), then gave the other party lip?

    Sounds to me like they deserved more than a slap.
  8. "motolegion
    So you condone violence then in road rage incidents ?"
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    fascinating posting profile in this thread :)
  10. haha before you post something in massive letters, possibly a spell check? :p
  11. I wouldn't worry too much, if the rider doesn't learn to watch and merge safely he will eventually run into something that puts him off the road, And if the driver continues to get out of his car to discipline people, he will eventually run into someone that will put him off his feet
  12. wtf hornet?
  13. I may be wrong but I think Hornet may be implying something along the lines of "noobs"....inexperienced riders perhaps?

    Again...I could be wrong.....I was one other time....... :D
  14. So Rossi would have a post count in the millions? I think I'm starting to get the hang of this motorcycling thing..
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    The guy that only opens his mouth ocassionally is the one worth listening to. :)
  16. Was the motorcyclist hurt by the 'road rager' ? No.. Pride seriously wounded no doubt! Lets face facts, a little tap to the head when your wearing a helmet, unless the guys a boxing champ wont even leave yo u seeing stars!

    So... Pride .. Wounded, but unbroken, Body? Unbroken.

    So... maybe ya wont screw up next time and cut a guy off.

    Now I don't condone violence where someone gets HURT. But slapping / hitting etc someone upside the head not doing any actual damage..

    Meh why complain, your the one at fault, shouldnt have pissed the guy off.. a 'I'm sorry mate, didn't see you there, are you okay? is ya car okay?' Can go a long way, defuse the situation. Not inflame it!
  17. So what will you do the day some one knocks your teeth out because you failed to indicate and it pissed them off ?
  18. give my paintball gun a workout.

  19. Um, you want to re-read the original post then re-read this? You wont cripple jack for life for a slap in the head.
    You would get nothing ... maybe payment for court fees at best, driver would get about 180 hours of community service (assuming he isn't let off).

    As for the rider ... not indicating and cutting off a car ... well, this just shows that a) the rider must be tired of living and b) typical no respect to others on the road wanker that deserved the slap to the head.