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Road Rage in Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. though don't ask me why the by-line says this story was published tomorrow. Hey maybe it's like "Early Edition" where we can stop the bastard in the BMW if we get there in time!!!

    Anyway, here 'tis. Was a %@%^@.

  2. wtf?

    That's not road rage, that's attempted murder as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Lets hope the cameras on the westgate were working.

    Some people really need to admit they have a tiny penis and get over it :roll:
  4. May be, but it strikes me as a bit strange, especially for the cops to give such a detailed description of one person's version of events to a newspaper... Is there something we don't know?
  5. FARK!!!!!
  6. IF she didn't take down the license plate, she's an idiot.
  7. ummm... stop?

    Turn off the road?
  8. It's pretty hard to turn off the Westgate Bridge, Chris, it's a long drop to the bottom :LOL:.
  9. :rofl:
  10. I've no idea why, but a little buzzing noise has gone off and warning lights are flashing in my head.

    Something iffy.
  11. That's the westgate freeway, not bridge!

    After Williamstown road exit (which is right off the bridge), the only other one before Grieves Parade is Millers road.

    +1 attempted murder.
  12. something iffy alright.sounds like theyre married....
  13. I had the same thing happen to me (in my car) on Friday 13th entering Geelong..

    I was 90% of the way into a new lane when a red ford cut in infront of me. To avoid an accident - i returned back to my original lane as there was no room for both of us - and we would have had an accident.

    The guy then slowed down - waving his arms in the air and pulling in behind me (all the while sounding his horn)- he then came up behind me so close i thought he was going to hit me.
    He proceeded to speed up, over took me and slammed on his breaks..
    He did that 3 times..

    Scared the hell out of me... I couldnt change lanes as there were cars everywhere. In the end - i went over the enbankment into the bus lane... Idiots...
  14. +1 to please suppy all the facts...oh wait it's a news article.....lets just make it interesting :roll:
  15. This happened a few days ago, it is an old news story. In the original, the story contained information on some possible traffic altercation which led to the behaviour of the BMW driver.

    I've had a similar situation occur in the UK. It's quite scary. Anyone who (in my case) veers to change direction at 100mph in order to get in front, brakes hard in the middle lane of the M4 (80-90mph traffic) and does all this with his wife and kids in the car is certifiably insane. There are some people out there with some very screwy ideas.
  16. This sounds most of my morning commutes in Sydney traffic.
  17. You had bad experiences in Sydney then!

    I still can't get over the aggression on the roads down here.
  18. Should've done a PIT manouvre like the yank cops, and F*&#ked his s@#t up :D.

    Or stop and call the cops?
  19. Not a great idea to ram a car with kids in it. Also have to think of other road users.

    One could have backed off, followed him home though and expressed one's anger with a wheel brace in a situation that only puts his safety at risk.

    Alternatively, given she's female and less likely to be able to belt the fcuker, she could have backed off, followed him home then gone back later with some brake fluid for his Beemer's paintwork.

    Yeah, or she could call the cops. They'll go round in a couple of days to ask if he tried to run her off the road, he'll say he didn't and that would be the end of it.
  20. Umm, he drives a BMW...

    ...and you are thinking this behaviour is surprising?

    He thinks he's :cool: but he's just compensating for a little :!: .