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Road Rage in Logan

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DenholmReynholm, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Not bike related, so I figure this is the right place. Anyone else seen this?

    The fact its on Today Tonight makes me question how biased it is, although nothing justifies that reaction, I'd love to know what set him off.

    Latest news is the driver of the Navara is a 21 year old man from Cranbrook, has been charged and has claimed the video is a fake (lol).
  2. Yes we don't' know what happened before. In fact what we see is the silver 4wd run into the back of the navara and then try to drive off. Who wouldn't be pissed?

    Still the reaction is over the top. Apparently the police are still investigating, which suggests they too believe that there is two sides to this story. I suspect that both drivers may end up with charges.
  3. When he's talking to the phone operator she says "what started it" "we were driving and I braked then he locked up and hit me". My guess is the navara was tailgating him from the start, this guy brakes, Navara hits him, silver car doesn't stop, navara gets pissed and gives chase

    Regardless, still scary as hell at what the navara driver was doing :eek:
  4. In fact watching it again I can see where they cut out a few seconds as he merges at he start
  5. Just another day in Boganvillage.
    It's possible the headline should have read "Arrogant prick versus immature dick". :D
  6. According to the latest info he has now been charged with 2 offences including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle
  7. You need those south african anti-theft devices that electrocute then flamethrow the perps on contact.
  8. Regardless of the actions of the south african ex copper, the reaction of the young bloke was a tad over the top.

    Good thing it wasn't America, someone would have been shot.
  9. Too bad there isn't. Might make fcukwits like this think twice about being fcukwits

    Trsy this video clip. It's the full report from Today Tonight scumbags.
  10. The Navara driver was way over the top
    Then again the desire to reach for a length of 4x2 seems to hit me with almost every South African I meet - they are arrogant as hell.
    When the Navara driver finally gets out you see that he isn't that big, yet he had Ken running - doesn't say much about South African cops.
    Definately more to this than meets the eye, it would be very interesting to see the camera footage starting a couple of minutes before it does.