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VIC Road Rage - How do we get justice for this one?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Am sharing this here, because there is a slight dilemna.

    A bit of history:

    1. The person who put this together is reluctant to take this to the cops, because it means they would have to attend court as a witness.
    2. They have had a previous bad experience with the cops, on a similar matter - that ended up going nowhere.
    3. His wife called the cops and told them about the video. The cops didn't show a lot of interest - and said he would have to lay charges.

    Right now, its not going anywhere, but on Youtube. I recognise that this is going to get heated......:popcorn:

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  2. What a ****ing asshole. I have to say I am really impressed the guy got on his bike and left. That's a hard thing to do in this situation and things could have ended far worse. If he's not willing to go to the cops then there's not much that can be done besides sharing that video. Give that woman a medal!
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  3. How did he determine it was deliberate?
    Yes the guy was way over the top afterwards but I'd like to hear his side of the story as well. which is why the cops won't do much about it.
  4. A commodore with "chevy" badges.. driver wearing high vis.. i personally wouldnt have changed lanes in front of it in the first place.. regardless of if i was a mile or a meter in front of him...

    I know thats just about as bad as racism but these guys just always seem to be in more of a hurry than every one else on the road.. and will not put up with even an ambo with full lights and noise trying to get in front of them....

    Flame suit on.. looking forward to hearing from all the "chevy" driving high vis wearing people on NR.
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  5. love this guys logic,

    "i was in traffic like everyone else, how do you get from beside me to infront".....

    i.e. youre not allowed to get infront of me... therefore its your fault
  6. I've seen the raw footage - and what happened before the incident.

    I think the cage driver gave his story in the clip.

    I think the only way the cops will see the clip is if someone else takes it to them.

  7. There was an independent witness though. Big advantage.
  8. Pretty hard to determine what actualy happened. I'd report it to you insurance company and let them deal with it. The guy in the car may well claim on his insurance and they'll chase you, he has plenty of time to do so.

    At least if you're proactive, it may just work in your favour.
  9. From what I have seen, it appears to me that the cage driver thinks that the rider has broken a law, and therefore that is what justified his taking action in his mind.

    IMHO some cage drivers see other people breaking road laws, then feel that this gives them the right to take the law into their own hands - the result is often Road Rage.

    In this instance if Filtering was legalised, I doubt that the cage driver would have got as upset as he did here. IMHO this is why Lane Filtering needs to be legalised - otherwise there will be more incidents like this one. In this case the cage driver saw the rider and knew he was there. The bump was intended to teach the rider a lesson - because the driver believed that the rider had broken a road law.......
  10. The car driver is a fucking idiot...

    Did the rider break any laws though to get in front/beside the car?

    I know most of us filter in stopped traffic...BUT its still open for debate as to if its actually illegal!

    Yes having am explicit law one way or another should prevent this kind of arrogance from drivers but it may also outlaw it for all riders.
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  11. disagree with that last sentence. The guy was on a bike and "pushed" in front of him. I'd donate my left nut if most road rage is because of laws broken.
  12. Dunnydoor with a chev badge = avoid
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  13. That's certainly the way it looked to me.

    The ironic part though is how someone can get so pissed off at being somehow delayed by another vehicle - but then has no problems whatsoever coming to a complete stop so they can rant. It's similar to when I see drivers aggressively cut through traffic, only to pull into a servo or fast food drivethrough. Strangely this seems to be quite common.

    And yes, chev badge+commodore+high+vis = shithouse driver. I have never seen an exception to this rule, though I have met people who certainly thought they were an exception (they weren't).
  14. If a guy bumped me, and then got out of the car with a mouthful of abuse, I'm not really sure I could have been as controlled as that guy was. Hi-vis and chev badge would have tipped me over the edge to "it's on like Donkey Kong" time.
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  15. And they'd still do nothing. There's no risk of blow back or public outcry since it's not a video of dangerous hooning.

    If the owner of the video doesn't want to press charges, it's a live and let live situation.
  16. Have a chat to someone in economics/statistics about that. You will find the two are completely independent. Just because those the driver overtook might get back infront, with the stop being planned the total travel time is still reduced from what it may be, hence the stop is irrelevant. Of course it will still seem daft if they pull a Dick move just to get in front of one driver just to pull into a driveway.
  17. It does look at the start like the driver may have been in the right turn only lane then decided to switch lanes.
  18. I think it's a good lesson; we all see people breaking the law, but unless we have the right to do something about it, (ie are members of the Police Force) the best we can do is to post it in the Near Misses section.

    And, of course, motorists and other road users, AND other riders, see US breaking the law (when we do) and they can't do anything about it either, nor should they.

    What goes around comes around, is the bottom line.
  19. If the bloke dosnt want to report it, then who are we to do it for him
  20. It's actually quite simple. If he/she doesn't want to take it to the cops, then there's not much more anyone can do.

    Put it this way, if they don't take it to the cops then there will be no legal justice.

    Simple really.