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VIC Road Rage - Herald Sun

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. This is something I have not considered before.

    Are motorcyclists victims of road rage especially in rural areas where there is no apparent cause?

    City's congested roads push driver patience to the limit
    by: Greg Thom From:Herald Sun October 17, 201112:00AM

    CHRONIC traffic congestion has been blamed for an explosion of road rage on Melbourne's streets.

    New research has revealed more than 87 per cent of motorists believe aggression on the roads is increasing.

    Tension caused by bumper-to bumper traffic has been identified as the biggest factor causing normally mild-mannered citizens to blow their top behind the wheel.

    Drivers reported a litany of anti-social acts ranging from rude gestures and verbal abuse to physical assault.

    In extreme cases, terrified drivers have even seen their vehicles rammed.

    The survey by car insurer GIO also revealed:

    MORE than 69 per cent of Melburnians had been subjected to rude gestures by other drivers.

    HALF of all drivers said they had copped a stream of verbal abuse behind the wheel.

    ALMOST one in 10 Melbourne motorists had their car damaged in a road rage incident.

    ABOUT 3 per cent of Melbourne drivers had been physically assaulted by another motorist.

    Country motorists were most likely to run another driver off the road in a fit of automotive rage.

    Former Hawthorn star Dermott Brereton was recently involved in a road rage incident in Richmond.

    While Brereton claimed he was the victim, the driver of the other vehicle later alleged Brereton was the aggressor, crashing into his car while trying to overtake.

    The altercation is the latest in a long line of recent road rage incidents.

    University student Marianne Volakos claimed she was slapped in the face by a hulking truck driver in June, after accidentally cutting him off on busy Springvale Rd, Mulgrave.

    In May, a female ambulance driver was beaten with a metal pole during a road rage attack in Frankston.

  2. I think there's a good chance that at least a few 'unexplained single vehicle' accidents could be due to this. Anecdotal evidence here and elsewhere is pretty strong, but dead men tell no tales.
  3. I reckon a lot of single vehicle fatals could be pinned on trying to avoid hitting wildlife.

    If Skippy fails to exchange name and address details and was missed then no one would ever know.
  4. I think of the scenario where you have a learner riding along a twisty road under the speed limit at a pace comfortable to the rider. A car approaches from behind and due to the lower speed tailgates the motorcycle as the car is unable to overtake. As a result of the tailgating the rider feels he is unable to safely pull over and let the car pass so he speeds up in an effort to distance himself from the car. The car continues to tailgate up to the point where the rider exceeds his skill level and has an accident.
  5. What is road rage?

    If a car pulls into my lane without looking and I swerve around them, turn back, and point to my eyes to say "Use you're eyes," is that a "rude gesture"? Or if someone cuts half way into my lane while taking a turn, and I point to their car and then to their lane ("keep your vehicle in your lane")?

    If someone overtakes me dangerously hanging into my lane, and I stick my finger up, that is certainly a rude gesture - but is it road rage?

    If someone puts my life at extreme risk by pulling out in front of me, and I have (non-threatening, but not altogether kind) words with them at the next lights? Is that driver "copping a string of verbal abuse"?

    The statistics aren't very helpful for giving a complete picture. I'd be more interesting in knowing how many people really are victims of road rage and how many people just feel upset because some dude responded negatively when they they tried to kill him.
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  6. This just further drills my standing point that when 'Numpty XYZ' cuts you off, it is better to not engage with them... sure, let them know what they've done, but don't go much further. You never know, there are some serious f*cking nutcases out there.
  7. True. But there are some serious f*cking nutcases in here too.

    (I'm pointing at my head BTW)