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Road rage attack in sydenham Rider backed into and bike attempted theft

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Sydenham road rage attack
    Date August 25, 2015 - 10:06AM

    Police are hunting a man who backed into a motorbike rider in a road rage attack in Melbourne's north-west.
    The driver of a silver BMW 318i sedan reversed into the motorbike rider on Silverdale Crescent in Sydenham about 2.45pm on July 23, Brimbank Highway Patrol officers believe.
    They said that as the rider got to his feet he was approached and threatened by the driver.
    The driver returned to his car, and the motorbike rider ran away, believing the man was searching for a weapon.
    The driver then tried to steal the red Ducati - which the motorbike rider had left on the road - before giving up and driving off with a woman in the BMW.
    The car had no registration plates displayed and possibly had a defect notice attached to the window, police said.
    The driver is described as about 23 years old, 175cm tall, with a strong build, full lips and a receding hairline.
    The woman is described as having shoulder-length brown hair, decaying teeth and piercings in her left ear.
    Any one with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via crimestoppers.com.au
  2. Unbelievable. Although not sure why the rider didn't try to scoot past or take some proactive action to get away prior to the car hitting him ?? Probably simply gob smacked that such an event would happen.
  3. Anyone want to make the assumption of the assailants being Ice freeks. Just another thing to make us more vulnerable.
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  4. decaying teeth bwaaaaaaaaa junkie fux

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  5. Ice is a very real and very addictive drug and I feel so sorry for anyone dealing with that addiction... its easy to label someone as a junkie, it's hard to live in a community that doesn't have enough education and support for problems like these. I am sorry that the rider had such a traumatic experience and I hope that the insurance isn't too much of a stuff around. Hopefully the police are helpful with the claim. So glad ive never had an experience like that
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  6. Most likely this was the case as you wouldn't expect a reasonable person to behave like the offender(s). It falls outside the scope of 'normal'. Scary stuff and very traumatic. Hope they find the offenders.
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  7. Hope the rider is ok. Events like this makes me wonder why helmet cams are frowned upon by Vic police.
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  8. There are ways to get around that. I've got mine mounted on my bike.
  9. I've never worn a helmet cam before... Might have a look and see what the pros and cons are
  10. Poor guy...

    Wonder if the ice freak would do the same to a 1%er...with all his mates in tow?
  11. Just on Ch10 News, the rider is a reporter for ch10 on his Duck. He wasn't hurt just scared the shit out of him. Oh and the bike was ok too.
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  12. upload_2015-8-25_17-38-15.
    A police artist's sketch of the two suspects. Keep an eye out for them since their still on the loose.

    Running was a smart move I guess, but if you fought them off would you be charged or is it considered self defence?
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  13. Well that answers the "was she hot?" question.
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  14. Ice or no ice, they'd be very sorry to try that on me.
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  15. #15 CraigA, Aug 25, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2015
    'cause you've been brewing up a massive baked bean and egg fuelled fart that's bound to floor anyone, right?
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  16. Shiit. They weren't going slowly. That's terrifying, glad he's okay
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  17. she looks pretty fcuked in both before and after pics
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  18. For the pieces of human excrement in the BMW, rule 303.
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  19. JeffcoJeffco these pictures are taken at their first arrest and is an ongoing project in a Sherif's Department in the US. Which means they are already using unfortunately. Search Faces of Meth.