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Road rage, almost. (me)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Bike went in for a service today, picked it up this afternoon and was riding home along a fairly busy single lane road in heavy traffic...

    This taxi comes up behind me and sits right up my arse, like so I could not see his front grill at all :roll: I speed up a bit to get some distance and so does he, and he just sits there....so I tap the brakes letting him know I want him to back off. We were doing about 50-60 km/hr and the road was busy so I couldnt really go anywhere.

    Then he tries to overtake me on the left but runs out of room so swerves to the right, but there's oncoming traffic....I thought fcuk you mate and slowed right down, dropped into 2nd gear and crawled along at about 20km/hr...then he gets on the horn.

    I took off and left him for dust and pulled up at the next lights which had just gone red and split into two lanes, waited for him to pull up behind me. Put the bike in neutral, side stand down, got off and started walking back to his car...

    Now I'm in full riding gear, full face helmet, gloves and jacket...I can imagine seeing a biker like that walking towards you could be quite intimidating :p as I'm walking towards him the guys shrugging as if to say what?

    I get to his car and he rolls down the window and I lean in and say "if you keep sitting on my arse I will knock you out!"....he starts crapping on saying I keep using the brakes...blah blah...

    I point a gloved finger at him and say "F.U.C.K OFF!" and walk back to my bike.

    He changed lanes and took the next left :LOL: Taxi drivers :roll:
  2. #$%@#*() B #%)(@#$% (! #$) @#%)*@ %@*$%(#*^@$*(%&@#$(&*@#$*(^@#^*@#$&*($&(*#@^*(@ (insert enoughswearwords to fill symbols here)

    Damn bloody taxi drivers!!! Worst drivers in the world! Should all be shot on-sight!!

    Be carefull when you gloat you are in full gear :p Like my story yesterday, he told me he was gonna punch me out and I laughed and said in fullface and armored knuckles, yeah right! So he told me he was going to run me over instead, which he tried!!!

    But he was so fat i don't think he could get his hands around the wheel enough to swerve the 2 lanes properly to hit me without loosing control...
  3. give him one for me next time :)
  4. With my story yesterday, I remember once people saying grab their keys and throw em or take em to a local cops shop and tell them the story...

    What would be able to happen in either/or of both of these instances (from the police point of view)??

    Would i get done for theft if i take the keys to them or if I ditch them can anything be done to me at all???
  5. In NSW at least.

    It gets added to your file. Which is linked to your rego, so you might notice being pulled over a little more frequently. And not getting away with tickets/infringments like in the past.

    Unless there are witness's or you admit to the crime when the coppers ask, nothing will be done.

    I've got a great story to tell about me and a taxi driver, and what he alleges I did to him (all lies). But until it's 100% resolved, it's saved for coffee/pub/camp fire.
  6. DONT GET ME STARTED ON THOSE YELLOW BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they have nearly killed me so many times , i have had the plod around because of retaliating , and i have had them come across the road at me as well after a incedent where they had to withdraw there case before it got to court.

    The taxi directoate , ( now theres a fcuking joke) we wont ....fcuk it.....i have to go and take a couple of valium now..........................fcuking cheap keyboards the keys are bouncing off ....................stuff it .
  7. Mate well done - that sounds like a good plan.

    Only thing you ahve to plan for is he might be keen to get out and have a go - and i dont really like the idea of fighting with a helmet on, it could be used as a handle :(

  8. Dude have you ever copped a headbutt or given a good one out.... Now imagine how much quicker they fall when there is a helmet to do it with ;)
  9. HAHA......I love it!! good on ya!! :)
  10. Saw a guy almost get taken out by a taxi in the city this morning. Freakin' dipsh!t taxi driver was in the right lane, cuts left across the left lane almost flattening the poor bastard on the bike who was in the left turn lane. Taxi continued his psycho style left turn as if nothing had happened. Prick.
  11. KS, love it - you've made my day :grin:
  12. If you could just get some behind to take a phot of you leaning in with your finger pointed, silhoette of the taxi drive recoiling and the bike bars on a lean (parked) thorugh the wind screen of the taxi - make a very nice pic - please remember this for us a next time :)
  13. Nice :)

    Very similar thing happened to me on the way home today on Plenty Rd in Reservoir, going through the 40kph school zone. At the previous set of lights I gunned it to get a big gap so that I could back off and do 40 without having people up my arse, but the S pack commondore behind me decided to gap the traffic too. So I enter the 40 zone and he's catching me fast, he comes all the way up my arse (I was in the middle lane), stays there for a good 15 seconds, then decides to pull into the left to pass (we were the only 2 vehicles in the area at the time). As he passes, with one hand off the handle bars I turn to look at him, he looks over with a "d!ckhead" expression, I keep staring at him, he realises "oh oh" and goes "sorry" and waves, then guns it :)

    So I'm thinking "yeah, don't f#ck with me, b!tches" then a few more k's up the road I get an old b@stard in an 80's fairmont right up my clacker again. I do the full turn around look at him... he doesn't budge... I do the turn around again and give him a "back off idiot" gesture and he waves back at me "go faster", this while I'm a safe distance from the car in front. I'm not going to get off the bike and f&*k with the old guy, so I just split my way through.

    You win some you lose some :)

  14. Hey Kurt,
    i bet you wouldn't have done that when you had the scooter !!! :grin:
    bloody Taxi drivers are obviously no different anywhere in the country.
  15. I think you guys need to be a little less macho..
    Never think that a guy walking back wearing whatever is ever going to make a difference to someone sitting in a car - hello!...they are sitting inside great lethal weapon, that when put to use can make a real mess of you.

    I've been riding for 30 years or so...but if I don't think I have done anything wrong and you scare me enough, I'd drive off right over the top of your bike, if I had to...no problem. And guess what the cops would say!

    If you wanna argue with a car...do it while you're in your car - not on your bike...your best bet by far is to live to ride another day, by just escaping the immediate threat.

    Sure...I have about 4 drivers a week that I could "wack in the chops", but I aint gonna try and intimidate them while I'm riding a bike!!!...that's a sure way to end up bouncing down the road with heavy traffic about to run over you, if you try it on the wrong person...just a small touch from a car is all it takes.
    Let them know that you are all pissed off by giving them the "glare", and then leave them to sit in the traffic, as they watch you disappear into the distance.
  16. how you gonna do that?

    u got cars in front of u; to the side of u, & 2 the rear..

    ya boxed in mate & can do sh*t :LOL:

    how you gonna do that?

    u got cars in front of u; to the side of u, & 2 the rear..

    ya boxed in mate & can do sh*t :LOL:
  17. i ride into the city when i work
    and they come in force there usually just stay behind as much as possible
    and if safe enough pass them
    thats the only way i can think.... they are scary
  18. I've had a few similar incidents with cars travelling way too close.
    Should've waited back and smashed his mirror off when you passed :p (The things you learn at coffee nights :) )
  19. glass marbles piffed at windscreen.
    Can't be seen being thrown
    Shatters on impact so no evidence left behind.
    Might not crack offenders windscreen but it will give them quite a fright.
  20. My approach with the all too common tailgating morons is to do the following.
    1. Tap rear brake a couple of times in a predictable on & off pattern.
    2. If they persist, tap rear brake and put hand behind back pointing at brake light.
    3. If the still persist give them the birdie.
    4. Still persisting? Fire and brimstone aint gonna do anything for stupidity like this, make a detour and get out of Darwinism's way. :grin:

    Yeah i've heard reference to pebbles or marbles... whats the go? Just toss one over your shoulder or something?