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Road-racing thousands beat speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by firefling, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. I thought they were talking about vehicles of all persuasion in general until I read further ...

  2. Good to see shameless self promoter Harold Scruby of Pedestrian Council of Australia fame gets a mention...what a tosser that man is...if he had his way every form of mechanised transport would be banned... :roll:

    2,500 or so Motorcyclists versus what 14,500 cars???...those bloody motorcyclits are a menace to society i tell ya...you don't see law abiding car drivers do that, nor tailgate, nor speed, nor fail to give way...nah it's those bloody motorcyclists responsible for all the evils in the world :LOL:
  3. What I would like to see is the data for how many bikes in total were snapped by cameras compared to that of cars, then start doing some comparisons.

    The whole article is a beatup. The number of cars avoiding fines is much higher. And they have no excuse - they were all breaking the law with respect to number plate rules. The riders weren't.
  4. Those damn motorcycles were speeding and we didn't detect them all! Oh and a couple of cars were not detected too..

    Seriously, the bias against bikers is pretty twisted in society and the media and I really resent the demonisation of the biker stereotype.
  5. hmmm, lets unite as bikers and use strongarm tactics to remove these turkeys from the spotlight.....:evil:

    ooooh, thats what they think we'll do :LOL:

    bloody :jerk:'s
  6. I'm surprised the government didn't just send the tickets anyway from guessing the number plate. My dad received a ticket last year for a bike that he'd sold four years ago that had been in peices for three years at the time the ticket was issued. The pr!cks just hazarded a guess at the rego number and sent it to him!

    The real jist of the story is again not safety, more the loss of revenue from not collecting from these "hooligans".
  7. I love the first paragraph "Over $2 million in lost revenue". At least they get straight to the point.

    As for Scruby, I won't even sully my keyboard by typing exactly how much I respect him...
  8. omfg thats f**ked up, the proportion of bikes riders to cars to start of with must be tiny then for them to pick out bikes as a cause of lost revenue, they just got problems in the head.

    they probably looking for an escape to take the attention of something else the stuffed up.
  9. I wonder who has been spruking RFID to them? We are limited to a half watt of transmit power (gives it a few feet of range). In order to get a bike - say 30 meters from the antenna, you may need to sterilise a few nearby pedestrians.
  10. yeah what was with that! Virtually the whole article was dedicated to a couple thousand motorcyclists who didnt get caught but then they just barely mention the 17,000 other vehicles who escaped detection.

    Cant they just turn the cameras around? In fact i thought they were starting to do this? Oh well.
  11. ooh we are soooo naughty, stuff him.
  12. Good idea - lets start with Harold Scruby :LOL: :LOL:
    And go on to those who step off the kerb right in front of you against a red light... :evil: :evil:
  13. It is pretty twisted. If it's really about road safety, then people who speed all the time in an area blanketed with speed cameras and police will get caught sooner or later, and they will be removed from the road anyway.

    The article opened off with the most important point, or so it seems. "Lost revenue", and that's what this is really about.

    A number of other mis-truths are spoken. "Motorcycles making up a huge percentage of crashes". Don't know about Queensland, but in Victoria motorcycles account for about 10% of all reported accidents. Hardly a "huge" percentage.

    This is really about someone's personal agenda.
  14. The fact they they complained that part of this lost revenue was due to the fact that bikes don't have number plates on the front and therefor could not be caught by a facing camera says two things to me: a) Scruby does not care that potentiall adding a plate to the front is well.... need I say it? b) Scruby is - along with anyone who has had a hand in advocating facing cameras - a complete moron for not realising that, shock horror, a camera flash can temporarily blind you! Now what was it they were saying about safety....?
  15. I once heard a story that this wanker Harold Scuby ran over a Pedestrian while driving his car.

    His comments from that artical;

    "We have to get bad drivers off the roads, and the only way to do it is through a demerit system," he said.

    He'd be one of those bad drivers, maybe he was driving on the FOOT PATH when he ran over that Pedesrian
  16. A quick afterthought. I wounder how many of these vehicles (especially cages, seeing as thier number plates are huge), were not identifyable because the had sprayed their plates with that reflective coating? Which an ex-cop invented none the less.
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to be going away from a camera to be busted in Vic? If so we could not have the same issues here.
  18. everyone in here should hang your heads in shame!! there will be NO 3 ply toilet paper in the bathrooms for them now thanks to you hooligans and your no number plates on the front!
  19. Despite all the shit in this story, I think the point they are making about number plates is a valid one. It is a fact that directly as a result of bikes not having front numberplates we are able to avoid cameras that would otherwise snap a photo of any other vehicle doing the same thing. Keeping every other argument out of it for the moment - they are entirely correct. And I know for a fact that riders use this to either disregard the camera or to deliberately speed and give the finger to the camera on the way past. I have heard riders talk about doing it and have seen it happen many times.

    To fight this I think we should accept this argument and focus on the implications of making a change. However, to be honest I think there are more important issues for us to fight that have a greater impact on us eg. lane splitting, WRBs, and the soon to be an issue - advanced stop areas for pushbikes. If we push these issues instead it portrays a motorcycling community that is focused on safety.
  20. Interesting that whoever wrote the headline sees no difference between exceeding the speed limit and "road-racing".