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Road Quality Check: Richmond to Kelso via Ilford and Sofala

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bandit01, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I’m planning a ride with a few mates in the next week or so and was wondering if anyone can let me know about the condition of the roads and if they have been affected by the continuing rains. The route is Richmond to Lithgow via Bells Line of Road, then the road that runs through to Mudgee (Castlereagh Highway), turning left at Ilford through to Sofala via Goulburn/Ilford Rd which becomes Peel Rd then continuing to Kelso and back home via the Great Western Highway.

    I don’t want to do the ride if the roads are poor or dangerous. It’s not worth potentially damaging a bike or having someone hurt.


  2. I've done that exact ride a couple of times and it is awesome! That was before the rain so i can't help you i'm afraid.
  3. The castlereagh is the best of those in terms of surface, the road through sofala is terrible, gradually getting worse as you near Bathurst.

  4. Hi Lilley,

    Many thanks for your note. Do you think the road from Ilford to Kelso via Sofala would be OK to ride after the rain?
  5. Hi Its the Pleats,

    Thanks for your reply. I haven't done the ride myself but hope to with one or two close friends in the coming weeks, depending on road conditions. Lilley said the road ain't the best. Sounds like you found it OK though?

  6. Yeah, I thought the road was sweet! There were a few, well signed road work areas that have probably been fixed now but other than that its a nice two way country road. I remember a few descending high speed right handers that required a little bit of attention but the surface was fine.

    What bike are you on?
  7. Riding a new VFR800. It's a bit different to the 1200 Bandit I've been riding. Both are fun, but the Bandit has 5 gears and you only use 1-4 to get up to 50kph, after that top is all you need; torue and capacity are wonderful things. The VFR howls once you hit 6500rpm and its hard not to ride it at that level. Also the VFR is not all that kind to old foggies backs; guess I'll get used to it.

    Thanks for the info on the road, provided weather is fine I'll go. I'll post a quick report once I've finished. It';s always good to know decent routes.

  8. Well considering I doubt they've touched it in about 50 years, it's seen worse rain and still there...
  9. I did the road from Bathurst through Sofala to Ilford in January and it was absolutely brilliant - fantastic surface, beautifully cambered - just a hoot. Must have been upgraded recently. One of those roads where it's very tempting to turn around and do the whole thing again - big grin territory :). How the rain's affected it though I don't know - sorry.
  10. Hi Rose,

    Sounds great, I just hope the weather is fine. Many thanks for your note, greatly appreciated
  11. They must have. To relay a road that fast it must have been a fairly cheap job on the quick, so I wonder how long it will last for. I know it's not my memory on the go, the person I was riding with said his fork seals would need to be changed.