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VIC Road Management Act 2004

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Can we use this legislation to have specific roads adapted to motorcycle use? For example if we can prove we are the greatest user of a road should it then be declared a specified motorcycle road and in turn have the road upgraded to our requirements.

    We may be covered in (18) (f) but having us recognised specifically will be of great benefit.

    We could lobby our state elected state representatives to change (18) and include the following

    (f) motorcycles on specified motorcyce roads;
    (g) any other mode of transport on specified
    roads for that mode of transport.

    Division 1—Coordination of road management
    20 Principal object and management principles

    (1) The principal object of road management is to
    ensure that a network of roads is provided
    primarily for the movement of persons and goods
    as part of an integrated transport system and that
    road reserves are available for other appropriate

    (1A) In giving effect to the principal object of road
    management consistent with the transport system
    objectives under the Transport Integration Act
    2010, the road network is to be managed to reflect
    the priorities of different modes of transport
    having regard to the intended function or
    functions of different parts of the road network.

    (18) Subject to subsection (1C), priority is to be given
    to the following modes of transport in respect of
    the specified roads for that mode of transport—
    (a) trams on specified tram roads;
    (b) buses on specified bus roads;
    (c) bicycles on specified bicycle roads;
    (d) pedestrians on specified pedestrian roads;
    (e) freight on specified freight roads;
    (f) any other mode of transport on specified
    roads for that mode of transport.

    (1C) Subsection (18) has effect—
    (a) without limiting the generality of
    subsection (1A); and

    (b) to the extent that it is reasonably practicable
    having regard to the works and infrastructure
    management principles.

    (2) The following principles apply in respect of the
    management of works and infrastructure under
    this Act—
    (a) the minimisation of road safety hazards;
    (b) the avoidance or minimisation of damage or
    disruption to infrastructure on roads;
    (c) the avoidance or minimisation of disruption
    to plans for the development of road
    infrastructure and non-road infrastructure;
    (d) the avoidance or minimisation of disruption
    to traffic;
    (da) the priority of different modes of transport
    on specified roads;
    (e) the avoidance or minimisation of disruption
    to the effective and efficient delivery of
    utility and public transport services;
    (f) the efficient use of resources of road
    authorities and infrastructure managers and
    the minimisation of cost to the community of
    infrastructure and services.

  2. Whatever we decide but that’s for a later date. The first step is to get motorcycles recognised.
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  3. Why don't you tell him what the legislation is for if you know its not for the purpose he proposed? Eluding that you know something but not saying is passive aggressive.

    The outcome is easy: removal of roadside furniture and addition of motorcycle friendly barriers where necessary.
  4. He's trying to help SRA - It's a "tough love" non spoon feeding approach. SRA's up for it.
  5. You are entitled to your opinion but thats all it is an opinion.

    We will get to the wants eventually. Some are on the demands list.

    I am confident that through discussion and debate here on netrider we will all get a better understanding of the legislation and it's reference to the Transport Integration Act 2010.

    There is a real worry here in that motorcycles and cars are not mentioned. We are not in the picture.
  6. Another mindless crusade without aforethought, Answer Justus' question SRA as you really do come across as a fringe dweller with some of your weird posts.
  7. Right on cue smee. At least you are consistent.

    The thread was started with questions not statements.
  8. answer justus' question I seriously cannot see what you want without you understanding what you are on about and currently I see you have no real idea about the legislation or its intended purpose.
  9. I know exactly what I am on about and the OP is fairly straight forward. Many of our requirements were thrashed out with the motorcycle safety inquiry. He can just do a search.

    It’s little things like the highlighted statement below that can cause us problems in the future. Is this why cars and motorcycles are left out?

    Page 24 of the Transport Integration Act 2010.

    11 Integration of transport and land use
    (1) The transport system should provide for the
    effective integration of transport and land use and
    facilitate access to social and economic

    (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1),
    transport and land use should be effectively
    integrated so as to improve accessibility and
    transport efficiency with a focus on—
    (a) maximising access to residences,
    employment, markets, services and
    (b) planning and developing the transport system
    more effectively;
    (c) reducing the need for private motor vehicle
    transport and the extent of travel;

    (d) facilitating better access to, and greater
    mobility within, local communities.

    (3) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1),
    the transport system and land use should be
    aligned, complementary and supportive and
    ensure that—
    (a) transport decisions are made having regard
    to the current and future impact on land use;
    (b) land use decisions are made having regard
    for the current and future development and
    operation of the transport system;
    (c) transport infrastructure and services are
    provided in a timely manner to support
    changing land use and associated transport

    (4) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1),
    the transport system should improve the amenity
    of communities and minimise impacts of the
    transport system on adjacent land uses.

  10. The first line in the Op asks if he can use the legislation in this way. It's obvious that he is not sure, people come to the forums to ask questions and get them answered. If justus and smee doesn't want to answer them that is fine but my mum always said if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

    It's just putting people down to make himself feel good. Pathetic.
  11. I didn't create the thread. I didn't quote legislation I had no idea about.

    Hence my previous post. You both have no knowledge of what the Road Management Act is all about.

    "2ndly, I'd also suggest you do more research on the legislation you quoted. Do you even know its purpose?"

    You get a better understanding by doing research, and why it's a worry to has already been answered above.

    :arrow: Road Management Act, regulations & codes

    :arrow: Victorian Transport Integration Act 2010

  12. FFS, you don't need to know anything to ask a question. Are you saying that if someone starts a thread saying "Is the CBR125 a good bike for half an hour commute on the highway" the correct answer is "You know nothing about the CBR125 why don't you go do research", rather than "The CBR125 wont really cruise above 80 so you might be better off looking at a 250cc like the CBR250 or a 650 like the DR650"?

    Oh I don't think I know anything in this subject, but I don't think you do either.

    Well at least you are of some help. Though posting a link just shows that you know nothing as well either and can only use google.
  13. I hear ya Vertical. And having met SRA, I think if his passion is properly directed, he'd be formidable.

    Do you know the saying, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he'll eat for a life time"? I suspect Justus is trying to lay some bread crumbs for SRA to help himself.

    Frankly, I have no idea whether the question in the OP is relevant or not. I'd love an answer too.
  14. Vertical C, I love your fighting spirit.

    Rob thanks for asking. I believe that if we can get motorcycles on the list it will cement our future in the planning process. With the world's population expanding at such a high rate individual powered transport will be outlawed.

    However there is one big thorn in their side and that is motorcycles. Motorcycles compliment the future by reducing congestion, pollution, etc but the people creating the future don’t like this as their goal is to eliminate all personal ownership of powered vehicles. They’ll try to get rid of motorcycles by shifting the spotlight from the benefits to safety.

    Getting us highlighted in this legislation may be the first step. That’s why I ask the questions.

    I am also of the opinion that this legislation is giving bicycles the upper hand and this is how we lost the St Andrews Kinglake Rd. It may now be a specified bicycle road and I think this is what is happening with the Whittlesea Yea Rd.

    Here’s the weird thing. I only ventured into this because I was inspired by Justus’s posts. There’s mud in yer eye or my eye.

    If you are wondering if there are such things as specified motorcycle roads I say yes. It’s the roads that have the blue and black motorcycle signs on them and the roads listed in the VMAC projects. I take that as confirmation and recognition by the bureaucracy. If we can win the argument then we can start with the removal of WRB’s, the installation of motorcycle friendly Armco, high quality resurfacing, bitumen shoulders, no solid white lines, state speed limit, weekly Friday street sweeps during the riding season, etc.

    Is there merit in pursuing it? I think there is and I think this is where we can start reclaiming our roads. If it does have merit then possibly a campaign called Alter 1B.

    Remember there is no right or wrong just what is socially acceptable and unacceptable at a given point in time.
  15. What discussion & debate? The thread has dropped off the radar for a reason. Next time I hint you're off course, take note.

    Your arse must envy the amount of shit that comes out of ya mouth.

  16. I appreciate your advice but I disagree.
  17. The thread is off course because no one has the knowledge to take it in the correct direction, except you, and for some reason unbeknownst to anyone else you are keeping mum. Why don't you help we are obviously not smart enough to work out your cryptic puzzles for the last two weeks, how about a hint to which section of the legislation?

    Have you bought a bike yet btw?
  18. LOL *giggle snicker chortle choke*
    If only you knew VC if only
    *runs away laughing his arse off*
  19. #19 Dougz, Nov 20, 2011
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    Oh God yes lol ;)
  20. Why is everything such a secret?

    It is obvious that SRA wants to contribute to help the cause of motorcycling. If he is on the wrong track and you are a justice campaigner like Justus says he is, why wouldn't you give enough of a reason to stop him on that, and perhaps then set him on the correct track. Doing what he is currently doing will likely just result in SRA becoming frustrated and becoming apathetic.

    We have a limit of people helping in this area, surely we need as many people on our side as possible?

    At the moment it just appears that Justus and yourselves just want to have your little boys club to exclude others because of some superiority of insider knowledge. Is that the best thing for motorcycling though?