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Road Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Jack7, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. So looking to buy some gear as I'm getting a CBR500R first bike, getting my learners soon. Been riding dirt bikes for a while never ridden on the road but am confident. My dirt bike gear consists of helmet, pants, shirt, boots, gloves. For road gear do I need to get all the same but leather or what? I'm just curious about living in Australia and it being hot like 80% if the time is there an alternate to leather that also has good protection?

    Are pants and boots really needed? Is the Jacket, Helmet and Gloves enough with Jeans and Shoes?

    Also, what are some good brands and I only have a budget of like 400-600 for gear.


  2. I don't wear leather. I use a textile jacket as it breathes. I normally wear: my Rjays helmet, Motodry jacket, gloves (again mesh with leather palms and reinforced knuckles), jeans and my Dririder boots (which are not dry in the rain).
  3. What kinda gloves do you have?
  4. Dririder air ride gloves.
  5. Dri Rider has good gear and it's reasonably priced as well.
  6. My 2 cents. If you have only allowed for 400-600 for gear then you over spent on your bike. Most helmets cost in that price range. I suggest saving up some more to put towards the gear. You want to be able to buy decent stuff that won't fall apart in 3 months. Go cheap on gear and have a fall and you will regret it. In reguards to are boots and pants needed, if we were the only ones on the road I'm sure a lot less of us would wear so much gear. But we are at risk by others. In most crashes it's the lower body that sustains the most skin injuries. So take that how you see fit. In the end it's your decision. Enjoy riding anyway. Good bike choice they are a perfect learners bike
  7. Your budget won't stretch past one set of gear so you'll have to worry about winter when it comes.

    But a quick squiz of the MCAS website:

    Helmet: AGV K3 $170 (special)
    Jacket: RJays All Seasons $160 (special)
    Gloves: RJays whatever about $50
    Jeans: Sartso $100 (special)
    Boots: RJays/Scorpion whatever about $120

    Assuming they have your sizes, you're kitted out for about $600.

    I think your biggest problem would be the helmet - it's pretty important to get the fit right (for comfort and safety) so you might have to pay more to get a brand/model that suits your head.
  8. The most important thing about bike gear is that it fits you properly. This is especially true for the helmet.

    My suggestions - remember it's coming in to summer.

    Helmet HJC, RJAYs, M2R and OGC helmets. You can pick these up for under $400. I noticed on The Helmet Warehouse site they have a helmet for $89. Regardless of brand make sure it fits properly.

    Jacket - I'd go with a DriRider/Rjays/Motodry summer textile jacket. These are under $250.

    Gloves - you can pay between $50 and $250 for gloves - I'd make sure that they have some hard knuckle protection and are well vented.

    Boots - you don't need motorcycle boots, but I would suggest that whatever you wear has some ankle protection/coverage - I use GP boots for the first 2 years because I got them free.

    Pants - good quality heavy denim jeans are fine for round town.

    Now speaking of cheap.

    When I first started I had a very limited budget. My boots were my own GP's (I'm ex RAAF), I bought a leather jacket and non matching leather pants from Cash Converters - total cost $100. I bought new helmet ($250) and new gloves ($30).
  9. The RJays SP2 helmet comes up equally safe on CRASH as any other helmet and can be bought for $200. Just because it is expensive doesn't make it good. Do some research and check for yourself before paying out too much.
  10. I just went through a similar thing.
    I spent $1200 and thought I got away cheaply.
    Helmet was almost half that though.
  11. Like I and others have said, fit is all-important with the helmet. You don't have to be talked into buying a carbon race helmet but it should fit snug, even and comfortable so try on a few. If you go to MCAS Auburn to their upstairs clearance area and try on some lids. You'll be left alone up there, so get an idea of what different brands and sizes feel like.
  12. A $800 helmet that doesn't fit you properly isn't as safe as a $300 helmet that fits you perfectly.
  13. I got my jackets from Sportbiketrackgear from the US, saved me so much money. Got my RS Taichi gloves on the motorcycle race gear 50% off sale.

    Try to get in on the RS Taichi sale before it's all sold out.

    As others have said, don't skimp on the helmet and make sure the fit is 100% as you don't want a headache while you're riding.