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Road from Mainsfield to Warburton via Jamieson, Matlock

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by trevnsig, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Me and a couple mates are heading down to the Superbike course at Phillip Island in December from Albury. The trip there is O.K. but there is a boaring part from Mansfield to the Black or Reefton Spur. I see on google maps that there is a road that runs from Mainsfield to Warburton via Jamieson, Matlock (C511) and if it is sealed it looks fun.

    Does anyone know what the road is like. I have a feeling it will contain Dirt. We only want unsealed roads.

    FYI i ride my beloved VTR1000-Year 2001 Firestorm, and my mates ride a R1-Year 2007 & Ducati Monster

  2. If its the road that takes you through Woods Point, its dirt and bad at that....
  3. Thanks mate, but thank god, its not that road. cheers
  4. No worries mate. I was up there working on fires last summer and all the bloody roads are RS.

    See if you can get onto the local pubs for some info as I'm pretty sure you'll be on gravel at some stage.
  5. The road you are talking about has about 10-15kms of gravel in the middle. Could be a bit greasy if there has been a lot of rain but other than that it's quite rideable for any road bike. Way way better than doing the Mansfield to Yea run in my book. There is talk of it being sealed soon.
  6. Oops, my bad. Just looked at a map & that road is indeed the woods point road. Rough as guts, gravel & rocks a bit on the large side. I have ridden it on a road bike but would not really reccomend it for enjoyment purposes.
    The road I had in mind cuts through from just before Jamieson & comes out just after Eildon. A far better more enjoyable option.