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Road from Berry To Kangaroo Valley

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Ljiljan, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know this road and its condition and its twistie quality? is it worth staying on moss vale rd down to nowra or much of a muchness? Its greater proximity to the pies and doughnuts are to be taken into account for the road quality. Cheers

  2. the quality of this road isn;t greatimho it's better on the moss vale road to nowra s'pose it depends on how much you like pies &doughnuts :grin:
  3. yes a bit rough and rather twisty
    unless you're on a motard i'd head about 10 k's south to the roundabout before bombaderry and head up camberwarra rd to K.V.
  4. Pussies. :grin:

    There are actually two roads from KV to Berry, one that brings you out near the speed camera to the south (KV road) and the other which brings you out at the northern end of Berry (Woodhill Mountain Road).

    KV Road is as has been said quite tight, narrow and very twisty but it is bumpy with a variable surface and often will remain damp for a day or so after rain. Some of the corners are far sharper than they appear and the series of hairpins and corners on the Berry end is intense fun whether it be a 750, V-Strom or my latest chookie. The dangers on this road are quite large in terms of trees right at the endge but more so it is a marked tourist drive and occasionally you may mind someone who doesn ot know the meaning of 'keep left'.

    That said, the more 'dangerous' end for mishaps is the KV end so if this makes you nervous there is the alternate of taking 'Tourist Road' which leaves Moss Vale Road to the left of the hairpin which starts the descrnt to Bomaderry. This in itself is a nice road offering some nice sweepers with a great lookout if you take the turn (it looks like the main road goes right which is the lookout, go straight ahead)P. Thsi road is also predominantly wider that KV road but it does meet KV Road after the more dangerous parts of KV Road. This is IMO worth a look as well.

    KV Road is the signoposted Berry turn-off just east of KV township (is called Berry Mountain Road at that point).

    Woodhill Mountain road is similar in some aspects but did have a small section of dirt when I last rode if earlier last year so it may be out of the question. It leaves KV Road approximatel 1 - 2 kms from teh start of KV Road and is them called Wattamolla (even signposted to Wattamolla from memory). The Berry end is good tar, narrow in places but twisty as you climb the mountain and all up heaps of fun. Done it on the roadie numerous times and never had moments. The KV side is steeper with dirt but just as twisty and still fun, just depends on your confidence level as to whether dirt is an option.

    IMO, I prefer the KV, Tourist or Woodhill Mountain roads over Moss Vale road simply because they are far more challenging and are not 'baby bottom smooth' nor infested with cars. They are old school roads that IMO offer far more reward and education than many of the more sanitised roads frequented by many today.

    You are far more likely to encounter something 'special' or have that 'zen type moment' on the less travelled roads as they allow you to control your pace, speed and level of fun as opposed to trying to take it easy and being buzzed by others.

    All my opinions anyway, but then I do like old roads.

  5. Twisty, bumpy and narrow, all the stuff everyone has said. However, it's worth doing to go in to the restaurant at the top of the mountain and check out the phenomenal view