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Road Forty Eight

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by nibor, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. has anyone ever ridden it?
    know if its dirt, or made, or what?
    i was browsing google earth, as you do, and thought it looked mighty fun depending on conditions :grin:

  2. looks like it's sealed if you zoom in as far as you can... it does look like fun though :twisted:
  3. Rob,

    Unfortunately that road is a closed fire access road. At the beginning it is defiantely dirt, but there is a big locked gate at the start.

    Tim & I know as we rode there and found the road.
  4. pffft. ever heard of riding around the gate? :p
    yeah it looks to be dirt at one end, cant see much with the other.
    ginji, look at other roads though, a sealed road looks light greyish, this seems to have a black strip, barely wide as a single lane though :? almost like a fat arse pipeline. with dirt next to it i think.
    im just really curious :grin:
    what got you and Tim riding there, Cambo? as bored as me? :p
  5. Rob,

    Tim & I were planning on going for a ride and Tim found that "road" on Goolge Earth, so we decided we would go and have a look.

    The gate would have been impossible to get around and had keep out signs plastered all over it.

    We also then thought that if there was a road around like that which was rideable, everybody would be riding it.