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N/A | National Road deaths are going DOWN!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by NiteKreeper, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. It's been alluded to here fairly often, but I just found this in the Hobart Mercury...

  2. 'even one death on the roads is one too many'

    lol. as if it will get there without well programmed robot cars that are giant pillows.
  3. The only way to achieve a zero road toll is to ban roads.....

  4. Well if you are a pillow biter you might think that was a good thing?
  5. +1 Jimmy D & Mick

  6. The concept exists in academia and that's about it...

    The most concerning thing is that academic institutions such as MUARC get blind acceptance because people are conditioned that academic research is independent and can't be influenced - whereas the real truth is that an entire industry in academia has been forming for a long time, for paid research outcomes to suit political purposes.

    As for the OP - I put $10 on MUARC or some other institution similarly remunerated to claim the benefit is primarily due to speed cameras to the exclusion of all other factors...
  7. I think they are on the back foot trying to justify their existence. For them to put out such a statement shows that they are worried.

    You’ve got to love the 2020 bullshit. They’re still trying to employ themselves for a decade.
  8. Finally something I can agree wholeheartedly with Adprom about.

    SRA, it's not MUARC that's driving the decade of further road enforcement. We are a signatory to the UN decade of road safety. The peak Australian road body is driving the NRSS & the 30% reduction. Trucks & motorbikes are in the firing line despite motorbikes halving their fatality rate.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  9. NSW stats

  10. Interesting, significant reductions in passenger and pedestrian deaths but not elsewhere...
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  12. Vic's road safetly policy is clearly working then. not.
  13. Just thought I'd add in some other stuff for comparison, seeing as ABS 2009 figs now released.

    - 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009


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  14. Hmmm, death by falling is on the rise.
    Since we can't stop people falling over, we should do something to limit the risk of death and injury when falls do occur.
    What about a law forcing everyone to crawl if not seated?
  15. :-$ ... or next they'll be mandating airbags into clothing.


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  16. Some interesting stats. Death due to falls is mostl likely simply a product of the ageing population. There's a lot of policy work going towards trying to reduce falls which may be having some effect to slow this increase.

    Death by suicide is being driven by economic factors to a large degree, I reckon. Historically, that is the case, I believe. Again, probably a number of prevention strategies mightbe working to reduce this effect.

    So many factors which impact on road deaths - very difficult to know why the figures are reducing exactly. Just a guess from the uninformed.