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Road conditions - where to report it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mikey213, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. So i'm finally going to write an email to whoever is responsible for the shocking conditions of the roads around the peninsula.. mostly regarding the pot holes and shit repair jobs, around boneo road,flinders,redhill,balnarring etc.. that area.
    The pot holes are constantly being poorly repaired and there ends up being bigger craters in the road.. and on one stretch there's several all in one spot.. its ridiculously dangerous.
    Plus the esplanade just past the mt martha shops.

    So i'm on the vic roads website.. and it states this.


    Well i'm not going to ring them and sit on the phone.. i want to email the correct people, does anyone have any ideas on who i should email or should i just email this department here.

    I'm on the mornington peninsula council site.. right now just finding out if its worth emailing them too.

    cheers guys.

  2. I've done it here in NSW by phone, they have a duty of care to check every report, and I was a prick, I called at like 9am on their emergency contact.

    Give them an opportunity to fix it via a phone call, if it doesn't I would suggest emailing your local member or some such to get them moving. Otherwise, speak to Joel on here who might be able to tell you the right procedure instead of guessing like me.
  3. "I'm not going to phone them"

    Well you're wasting your time and ours looking for an alternative, then. That's the way they choose to do business, and they won't do business any other way. They are providing you with a means whereby you can do exactly what you want to do, if you choose not to use it, they should care??

    Besides, if you phone you will probably get to talk to someone; your email will go straight through to junk-mail and never be seen by anyone......

    honestly, some people just don't get it :roll:
  4. At least they give you a 13**** number. Cost of a local call. It is worth doing. You may be the beneficiary of the effort.
  5. The road network in that area has been totally mismanaged and the council is tackling the poor state of the roads by reducing the speed limits.

    The only way to fix the roads would be to sack the council and appoint an administrator.

    Email the council ccing your local ward councillors and your state representative.

    This was recently discussed on netrider. Here’s the link.
  6. I emailed the council, and i emailed the link on vicroads.. just in-case.
    I shall find out who is the local ward Councillor and contact them also, i was wondering if anyone would have that info on hand hence the thread.

    And i have a prepared statement that i shall ring both tomorrow morning and state my issues.

    And sir ride a lot, i commented in that thread awhile ago.. same problems i mentioned.. still not fixed properly, and now getting bigger and more dangerous..

    If someone could post phone numbers and emails to the people i should be directing my anger at, so i can save myself some time.. and get onto it right away that would be brilliant.
  7. WA have a similar 1300 number system. I've used it quite frequently to report instances of specific danger. I've never been put on hold and the faults have always been fixed within a week. On at least one occasion the problem was sorted within hours, which must have involved dragging the contractors responsible out of the pub on a Friday evening.

    Whilst I doubt if you'll get much change from saying something like "The road between A and B is worn out, knackered and in a dangerous condition", apart from, maybe, the application of a "temporary" ridiculous speed limit and a bit of warning signage, reporting the location of a specific 150 mm deep crater on the apex of a bend will at least result in a reasonable attempt to fill it in.

    The official means of contacting the road authority certainly can work so don't dismiss it out of hand.
  8. The time I had to call was because there was gravel right at the beginning of a roundabout (across nearly the whole lane) which you need to take at a lean.

    Seen here:


    And here:


    I called at around 9am on a Saturday morning on their emergency contact (which was a mob, their Mon-Fri number was a 13 or 1300 number).

    The guy didn't seem too happy about the phone call and asked how much gravel was there, whether it was a wheelbarrow load or more. I told him that it was barely a wheelbarrow load but a bike taking the roundabout at lean it doesn't take much gravel for it to drop and I take the route to work everyday so I knew it was there but anyone else wouldn't see it until it was too late.

    Got cleaned up that same day.

    tl;dr - just make it sound a lot worse than it is so that they fill as though they need to get onto it straight away, but don't exagerrate too much though.

    Edit: that roundabout is mad fun :)
  9. All the contact info should be publicly available either on the council website or by phoning them. The councillors are there to represent you.
  10. ](*,) here's your own words
    "reporting dangerous road conditions or traffic light faults – phone 13 11 70"
  11. Thank's pat and sir ride a lot.

    I rang the council first, and they said that the majority of roads i was mentioning were vic roads problem, and to ring them, they also said they need specific corners (like what you just said pat), and how far approximately down boneo road etc.. and the same for the esplanade.

    It wouldn't take them long to just go for a drive and see it themselves but eh, so when the weather is a bit better, ill take my camera and ill document where the damage is and show them what is the issue, and use my phone gps to give them the right locations.

    So ill have a bit of work for me to do, but if it gets the roads fixed properly it would be good.

    So ill do that when i can and then, ring them and find out where to send them the images and give them the right locations and issues, and we shall see how that goes.
  12. Update:

    Someone from vicroads left me a voicemail message this morning, saying that a majority of roads i have told them about are on the cards to be repaired this month subject to weather conditions.

    And as for the gravel there is not much they can do.

    So ill have to see if they do a good job... i guess, but it saves me having to take photos and keep on ringing them, ill only have to do that if they aren't repaired properly.. or still not fixed.

    Glad they called me back!
  13. to be repaired this month subject to weather conditions

    What ignrant fools

    They'll repair them this month so they can spend all the budget before the end of June

    The road temperature will be somewhere near 14 degrees, and the repair will fall apart as soon as it's done, because tar doesn't bind to the existing surface unless IT'S at over 30 degrees

    These morons have been pulling this garbage for 50 years and no-one calls them out on it....
  14. I'm hoping they rip up the road and start again.. rather than just fill in the pot holes like they have been and have them fall apart and end up bigger.

    it'll be interesting to see what they end up doing..