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Road Condition request near GOR VIC (C155)

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by tigerspew, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Hi this isnt so much a road report, as more of a request of what condition a stretch of road is in, or if anyone has any experience riding it. Its not that far out of the way, just off the GOR so im hoping many will have been there before.

    Heres the route, but the section is interested in is described below.


    The section of road im interested in is from Lavers Hill (C155 Beech Forest - Mtsabi Rd) towards Mt Sabine, then Sunnyside Road down to Wongarra to rejoin the GOR

    If anyone has experience of this road, love to hear your thoughts on the quality, condition, (most importantly, is it FUN? :D )


  2. Narrow, real narrow, like two cars have trouble passing mid bend narrow.

    40km/h limit on most of it because it's so narrow and lots of tourists use it.

    Closed a lot by fallen trees.

    Leaf & bark litter all over it.

    Sealed but refer to all the above.

    Great short cut to Beech Forest except when you get halfway down and find a tree blocking it and have to turn around (which aint easy in a car) and drive all the way back and then down the GOR to Lavers Hill and then double back to Beech Forest.

    I notice when I expand out the map you'll be hitting the GOR at Wongarra, be aware that a lot of that inland section is gravel roads.
  3. Thanks for the info regarding the road near Wongarra. Looks like I might be adjusting my route.

    Might stick to the C155 and head up towards Colac instead.