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Road boots suggestions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Notrossi, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Hi all.... I've been stepping up my riding a little bit lately to what I like to call "spirited" and that means I lean the bike past 20 degrees and use over half throttle occasionally.
    I'm 41 so my bones ain't what they used to be and I've had a broken collarbone and I've got enough titanium in my left leg to replace all the bolts in my bike. Easy.
    I've been riding in my old M2R leather jacket, top range draggin jeans and some sick looking Moto Dry denim road boots so even though I can ride to the disco and start kicking some crazy boogey on the dance floor if I actually come off at pace I can see my knee shattering, my jacket riding up on my back and the road doing a good job of removing skin. As road is wont to do.
    This arvo as I was perusing the tree of gum I came across a reasonably priced Berik race suit in what according to the chart seemed to be about my size and it was only 5 minutes away.
    Now it's in my cupboard.
    I'm thinking my denim scoot boots ain't gonna cut the mustard no more so what are the peeps in the know wearing nowadays?
    I don't want to spend a fortune.....AMA Warehouse down the road have some RST racetech boots for $269 that look ok.....they don't seem to have the best lateral ankle stability ( I learned that 5 minutes ago on you tube )
    I don't necessarily want 600 buck space boots either.
    Anybody bought something decent lately that they'd recommend?

  2. Cant go wrong with Alpine stars range, comfy and quality
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  3. +2 with the Alpinestars... got some ankle high type that are super comfortable and great to ride with. Were around $220 from memory.
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  4. Got some Rossi's coz European boots wouldn't fit fat calves and wide feet, very comfortable and bullet proof warranty
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  5. Been watching some boot reviews on you tube the last half hour.........
    Wish I didn't. Alpine stars super tech look too good not to try on.
  6. Dainese Fulcrum Gore Tex boots. Dainese Fulcrum - these are great, and don't creak like my A stars.
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  7. I just bought some sidi vortex boots for like $400 and in 2.5 months the sole of the right foot is peeling away from the boot. I need to find some time to send them back. They looked very quality until I nearly slid over trying to put my foot down and realised the sole was peeling away quite aggressively. I'm disappointed. I thought I'd get more for $400.

    I recently picked up some secondhand alpine stars (smx plus maybe?) for $200 off a fellow Netrider and they are super comfortable, and the sole hasn't started flapping yet. Time will tell...

    I got some dainese d-wp boots a while back, they were mad comfortable and looked amazing but not the most protective things. Anyway after a year or so of regular wear the sole wore through completely exposing my sock. Again, not happy. I feel like I need to just get a pair of Daytonas and be done with it, but that price :-S at least I'll be able to try some on in Europe later this year. Maybe then I won't be so scared of ordering them over the Internet haha
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  8. After seeing first hand the failure of an Alpinestar boot and the subsequent destruction it caused. I'll stick to me refusal to buy their gear.
  9. The RST are good for the price but you'll pay too much at $269, I got a pair from my local for $215.
    My other pair are Alpinestars Smx 6 goretex. Excellent super comfy boots that I can wear all day. Can't speak for either on how they would perform in a crash as I haven't tested them, and don't plan to.
  10. Look at touring boots like the ones Mudfrog showed.
    I have RJays Tour AM and they seem very good.
  11. Gaerne has the Aquatech range which are waterproof too.. They get good reviews and arnd the 300 mark.


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  12. Watch out for Alpinestars S-MX 6, they have a design fault that can only be fixed by sending them back to manufacturer. The brace over the ankle uses screws that come undone (pretty sure they have red loctite too) and the only way to access them is to remove the lining. Shame as otherwise they are great! Still trying to find a suitable time to return mine...
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  13. I've got a pair of Rjays. Can't remember the model. They have a replaceable toe slider. Reasonably comfy, have a waterproof liner and have kept my feet dry riding in some pretty nasty rain and a couple of river crossings. They are showing signs of wear on the sole after 3 1/2 years in which I have clocked up nearly 30,000 km on the bike and included some track days. They were pretty cheap and they look cheap compared to Sidi, Dianese, Aplinestars, but seem to wear well.
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  14. Are you after touring boots or race boots?

    I've had DriRider, MotoDry, RJays, Rossi touring boots before and they've all been pretty good. I've never owned a pair of race boots, primarily because I don't race and they are horrendously uncomfortable.
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  15. Thanks for all the advice guys. I guess I wanted race boots as most the styles I liked the look of were race boots. I was pretty sold on some alpine stars.....until I tried them on.
    I've got reasonably big feet I spose and none of the boots in the alpine stars range fit. I ended up with Arlene Ness Xaus race boots size 47 cos they were the only ones that fit me in the entire shop!
    They're actually very comfortable but at $199 I'm not expecting too much from them in terms of durability. They have a 12 month warranty and I know the guys at AMA Yatala where I bought them go to huge lengths to rectify any issues with their goods. So fingers crossed.
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  16. ive got boots
    somewhere anyways
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    Happened to me too - my fix was to cut a small hole in the liner on the inside and tighten the screw. Good as gold.
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    Hey mate, I just bought a pair of boots myself and went for the Sidi race boot. I was at the AMA store in Yatala only last week but cannot remember the Arlen Ness boots being there. They look pretty god buy for $199 nice one.

    I got 5 years out of my last pair of boots, so i ended up going for the expensive space boots as you put it this time.
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  19. The sidi boots look cool. I would buy a pair on looks alone.
    I'm a bit cheesed off nothing suits my shape foot......never have a problem with shoes