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Road boots for xtra wide feet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DA, May 30, 2008.

  1. Howdy all, I have a borad foot, i mean really broad, like i have tennis rackets strapped to my ankles , can anyone suggest a boot, that caters for the larger foot amongst us. My foot is not overly long but very broad, and i can not find a boot that fits nicely over a period of time.... Any thoughts are welcome

  2. I have fairly broad feet, and my rossi boots are pretty comfy...
  3. +1 Rossi.
  4. What model rossi
  5. I have a similar issue, I've got a very comfy pair of Rossi Visions that are a genuine all-day wear. I've had 'em and worn them nearly every day for probably about 6 years. They're a bit fally-aparty but still good.

    They offer balls-all ankle protection though, I've sprained my ankle both times I've had a decent crash in them. So when I'm out on a thrash I wear Sidi Vertigos. The Vertigo Corsas actually have a separate strap controlling the width of the boot. Not real f*cken cheap, mind you, but good protection and I find I can even live with them off the bike.
  6. Go the Rossi's, very comfortable can wear them all day walking riding whatever.
  7. I have the wide feet problem too (sz 11 wide, sz 10 long). Dont bother with Oxtar, I've tried quite a few and it seems all their designs are for narrow feet.
    While expensive, I swear by A* these days. Wide behind the toes, very comfy. Worth the extra cash
  8. +1 on the A*'s I tried Sidi & Gaerne with no luck. 3 or 4 different A* models fit fine.