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Road bike, what to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cala90, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been a while since I've posted here! Anyway, I ended up selling my KLX250S. Originally bought it to decide if I'd prefer road or dirt, at the end of it I loved the open road!

    I've been looking for a road bike for a while and haven't been able to decide whether or not to go for a 300 or 600/650 (still on LAMS until the end of 2017). I'm around 174cm tall and around 90kg. The 250 was pretty good but it seemed to struggle a bit holding speed once it got to around 100km/h.

    I came across the Benelli BN 302 a while back before they were released and got an email today with the EOFY offer for $5,990 Ride Away. Has anyone had a play with one of these bikes? I know they're built in China, so not sure what to take from that. But they do come with a two year unlimited KM warranty. Also never ridden a 300 so not sure if there's much difference between that and a 250?

    Originally I was planning on buying another 250/300 until I was off LAMS and then buy something like an MT09 (love those bikes). Or jump straight into it now and buy a new MT07 and hold onto that for a while.

    Obviously, the less money I have to spend the better, but I'm happy to go up to around $10,000. I've already got all the road gear I need so I don't need to consider than in the budget.
    Also happy to buy second hand if anyone can suggest something different?

    Sorry for the essay!


  2. My advice would simply be test ride everything that takes your fancy then buy the one you like the most.

    Although, having said that, I'm not sure about the Benelli, they aren't exactly known for their reliability and longevity.
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  3. MT07 would be something worth considering, good ergonomics, nice engine.
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  4. Check this review out cala90cala90. The review was done by LozLoz who is also a forum member. He was quite impressed.


    At $5,990 the BN302 is amazing value. The MT-07 is going to be $10,000 ride away but it is of course an amazing bike :)

    If money is not a big deal I would go the MT-07 but I am 183cm and 105Kg!! I am going for a ride on one tomorrow, can't wait :)
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  5. Since you still have LAMS for a long time, I agree with the above. The MT-07 or perhaps a Triumph Street Triple 660?? You might be able to find one slightly used for around $10K. Good Luck! :wacky:
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  6. Cheers guys, wasn't sure if dealers had test ride policies.. Never bought a new bike before! I'll check out my local dealers.

    I have loved the MT-07 for a while, just not sure whether to spend the extra money! As you said Q3, it's pretty good value at $6k ride away! I'll check out the review now.

    What do people think of the ER-6nL? I've got a mate who was thinking of selling his (2013 or 14 I believe). Said I could have it for $7,000. Has done bugger all KM's (last time I spoke to him it was around 1000kms or less, I think).
  7. To pull from ~100km/h you really need a 600cc or bike in the upper end of the LAM's band.
    Do you have an idea on what style of bike you like? (Fully faired/naked sports tourer/Super Sport)

    ER-6 is a good bike, a good competitor would be the Cfmoto 650nk for a few grand less.
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  8. Yep, I know I want a naked bike! Not interested in super sport etc.. Personal preference I guess.

    I have looked at the CFMoto 650NK/S. $6500 on the road with a free jacket seems the best value for money out of all 650's but I've heard mixed reviews about the brand itself.
  9. CFMoto certainly doesn't have the finish of the Japanese bikes however they certainly are reliable and not as bad as everyone gives them crap for. I've ridden the 650TR (faired touring version) and found it an impressive bike for the price.

    Part of the process of choosing a bike is shortlisting like bikes from the main vendors and talking to people who own each of them.
  10. Er6: simple to derestrict, screw and a plug, and you have full power anyway....... errr, for when you're off your LAMS, obviously ;)
    Have a chat with fin mentalfin mental, she's got one.
  11. Yep, I've still got mine. Been a good friend to me for about a year and half. 25k extra on the clock... none of it commuting. I've had plenty of fun.
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  12. Awesome, thanks for that! I'll have a bit more of a look around and see what I find! Seems like I might be better off going second hand, will get more bike for the money!
  13. No brainer for the cash with a 1000k's on the clock - just been run in for you. Doubt you'll lose much cash on it with resale down the track either.
  14. Yeah I'll have to have a chat to him about it again. Not sure what it's at now (it was a while ago when I last spoke about it). It is a nice looking bike though!
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  15. I would buy a second hand er6 or ninja 650rl any day over a new cfmoto. I would guess that the Kawasaki would be a lot easier to sell when u upgrade in the future also
  16. Go the ninj 650L good resale and a nice bike.
  17. I'd go the ER6NL. They're a good thing, even better with ABS. Nothing wrong with the Benelli but 300 more cubes is 300 more cubes.