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Road bike v track bike

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Leroybrown, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Hello People,

    At the end of the year I hope to buy a sports bike. My main priority is to have a bike that I can take to the P.I. track. I did a track day there last year on my old Ducati Diavel and loved it. I'm very intermediate. I was doing 2.15's on the Diavel so I hope to get into the 1.50's on a proper sports bike. My other priority is to not suffer too much depreciation should I hardly ride it and want to sell it in a few years.

    So the question is, do I buy a road bike or a dedicated track bike? I have a Multistrada which is my road bike. If I buy a road registered sports bike it won't get ridden much on the road, maybe a 1000k's a year, but I certainly would enjoy them!. Also I wouldn't expect to do more than 4 or 5 track days a year. Is a dedicated track bike so much more capable? Are they hard to sell? Do they depreciate a lot?

    If I get a road bike I'd like to stick with ducati so I'm thinking 1199 Pano, 899 Pano, 1198s or a 848 evo. If it's a track bike I'd be happy to spend up to $15k or more to get a good one, but I don't want to do my balls on it if I don't crash it and want to sell it in a few years.
  2. If you buy one that somebody has converted into a track bike already, they're usually pretty affordable, often because they start with a stat write off that can't be used for the road, since track riding is the important thing, this may be a good way to go.
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  3. For four track days a year you should just use their hire bikes.
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  4. I don't know how loaded u are but spending $15k on a track bike and destroying it would not be good. U can get a great track bike for something like $5k to get started IMHO
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  5. You'll need to factor in a trailer as well. Hire or own?
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  6. Get a dedicated track bike. For that budget there are a lot of good options out there.
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  7. if I had 15k id probably put some racing glass onto a ninja300 get a van and race it in the ninja300 class hahaha.
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  8. DamusB That is not a bad idea. It is a good start for amateur racing.
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  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I suppose I have to way up whether it's work $2,000 a year to hire Phillip Island's BMW S1000RR (I wouldn't need a trailer! / but I wouldn't be able to hire it on private track days - Ducati days, etc.) or just buy a track bike. Owning one might be a fair bit more messing around, but might be the cheaper option.

    Would I be noticeably faster on a bike with slicks over a bike with road tyres?
  10. Very nice track bikes from 2006-10 era can be bought for $5-8k all set up so thats where I would start looking. Also need a trailer. I use a 6x4 box trailer which is fine although not quite as easy to load as a dedicated bike trailer, it is able to do lots of other stuff. If you really want to spend $15k you should be able to get a post 2010 BMW s1000rr, RSV4r or even possibly a Panigale.
    Oh and in regards to tyres, sticky road rubber will be fine until you get into the low 1:50s
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  11. I agree with Darren in regards to tires. I would even say once you start dipping below 1:50s you can consider track/race dedicated rubber.
  12. Yeah probably depends how good you are. I heard Cam Donald was doing 38s around PI at the launch day of the S1000rr on standard tyres!
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  13. Yeah, I've done 1:38 around PI too, on a roadbike - 1 hour and 38 minutes.
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  14. Of course talent and skills play a big part. Cam is a hell of a rider though. Watching the racers go around amazes me each time.

    ozboater, you are still faster them me hahahah
  15. Leroy - always remember bikes are easy to buy, hard to sell. Be patient, buy sensibly.

    I've just bought a cbr 6 '07 (today) for waaay less than Darren says in his figures above. I'll throw race fairings on it +/- $700 and ditch the existing road gear for the same amount., maybe more with lights, indicators, etc.

    My '07 gixxer 6 is ported, tuned, quickshifter, power commander, racetech suspension, i have receipts, dyno read outs, manuals, a heap of spares, 3 sets of slicks, a very competitive ex race bike and very reliable - and still comes in at the same numbers.
    I bought it dropped, it looked crap, still had grass hanging out from the drop, but ran - re-glassed the fairings, filled and sprayed, put a new front brake lever on it, new foot peg, changed the fluids, couple of other bits and pieces, all done. 2nd hand race glass from gumtree acquired perfect nick for $250.

    You can get a lot of bike for very reasonable money. Chances are you'll drop it while learning anyway if you're pushing, no big deal it happens.

    Why spend $10/15K? That gixxer has way more capability than i'll ever have ability.

    But if you buy a bike for the big dollars, let me know when you want to sell it.
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  16. If I was in Vic i'd check it out and buy that in a heartbeat for the track
  17. Does anyone have a road bike that they convert to a track bike when they're ready to go on the track? How long does it take to change out a set of fairings and anything else that you need to do? I want a track bike that won't cost me a fortune if I send it down the road, but I'd also like to take it on the odd road ride as well. I'd be happy to spend a few hours on the change over.
  18. Fairings, mirrors and lights etc will take you a couple of hours to switch over to track glass. If you wanna have it both ways u could maybe buy a cheapish raod registerable supersport or superbike and track it with the road fairings on. Only takes a couple of minutes to take off mirrors
  19. I just remove my mirrors and luggage rack in about 1/2 hour. Check over the bike and set tyre pressures, then load my road bike onto a 8x5 Box trailer and enjoy a track day, I have one of these bolted to the box trailer, makes loading easy. Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Motorbike Dirt Bike Yamaha Honda Suzuki Kawasaki | eBay

    I have lots of fun and practice what I've learned from California Superbike School. Not interested in my lap times or trying to set records.