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Road 1, Stewy 0 (Now with pics)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Yep you guessed it, i hit the road this morning about 6.15 on bourke road....... although still not really sure what caused me to come off, but heres a run down of what take place.

    Was travelling in the left hand lane (in the right wheel track) away from the tram tracks and everything was fine, next thing i know the bike is sliding all over the place and i am crossing into the lane next to me (no cars around me either). Now in the right hand land (over the tram tracks), she bucked left, then right then left again all while doing a superman type effort across the tank (it must of been a sight to see) and then after all that effort the result is still the same..... yep you guessed it, yours truely having a quick slide down the road next to my baby.

    A taxi a bit behind stops to see if i was ok and helps me push it up onto the curb. He says wow that was impressive, but how did you come off........ yeah good fcuking question i was still trying to figure out too.....i go back up the road have a quick look wasn't any large amount of oil/crap of the road (was alittle bit a at very close intspection but nothing more then we all deal with every other morning and a few of those snake lines things) so i asume thats what got me. Conclusion shit happens when you ride motorbikes on wet days. Take care out there people.

    After the slide, pick myself up off the wet road. Quick look over, yep 2 arms, 3 legs all is good. No damage or road rash to me (had full gear on) only damage to the gear is a ripped a button on my dri rider pants and a slight tear in my gloves. (will need to get some new ones, but have been looking round to replace them anyway.)

    Now the part everyone motorcyclist is more worried about..... the bike. Well she actually got off pretty well, scuffed one of my carbon remus pipes (not happy) bent foot peg & brake level, broken handguard and bent front brake level, scratched and bent bar end, grounded away part of oggy knob and might of bent handle bars...... It was still dark when i got to work, so will have another look soon, but doesn't look like the tank or rear pillion area hit the ground

    So yeah my day is off to a fcuked start but how is your morning going?

    cheers stewy :)
  2. Hey Stewy,

    Sorry you came of my friend... As long as you are OK.

    If there is any assistance i can provide, let me know. You have the number.

    Just glad your ok.

  3. And I was thinking to myself today, "Glad I'm not on the bike today, hope there's no 'I had an off' threads on NR today either."

    Glad you got off lightly, 6.15's early enough in the morning to not cause too much additional grief.
  4. Ouch Stewy.

    Glad your ok, bugger about the damage. At least it appears mainly superficial from your description.

    road snakes are bad at the best of times....dynamite in the wet though.
  5. :p :p

    Glad to hear you're alright and the bike's okay too.
  6. Jeez, Stewy, what a rotten way to start the day.

    Good to hear you are OK, and your baby isn't badly damaged.

    And sometimes you just never find out what happened, or why, it just does :roll:.
  7. yep oh so true.... and bigger clowns ride them in the wet :LOL:

    well just had a quick look now it's daylight, damage is slightly worse then i thought....along with the above mentioned damage, it has also dented (but not scratched) the left side of my tank (i asume were the handlebar has hit it), also grounded the top right hand corner of my brake fluid reservoir, looke like mostly the lid but will pull it apart tonight to have a closer look at it...
  8. Stewy,

    Sorry to read about your off. Your post takes me back a week!

    Glad you're ok and the bike hasn't suffered too much.

    Things happen quickly in the wet, don't they.

  9. unfortunely yes, very quickly...... :oops:
  10. Is the bike insured, Stewy?
  11. Bugger!...sorry you dropped the bike, mate...but at least you gave it a good shot before it finally tossed you off.

    Wet roads, road surfaces, and small footprints just can't work together sometimes.
  12. After last years effort, I am now the Worlds worst wet weather rider. Sorry to hear about the accident and the damage, it's shite when it happens to your new bike too. At least you are ok and the bike will be repaired to new condition soon.

    I rode on Friday and Monday, both times in the rain, trying to get over my wet weather hoodoo, but never fun.

    Stay well.
  13. Well that's not what I wanted to hear! Glad you're ok, Stewy. Must have been some perfect combination of crap - slippery snakey bit, slight edge to it, tyre on just the right bit, smidge of oil on that one bit you'd recover on, backup recovery had wet tram track in the way, cold tyres... Who knows :cry:

    I felt my bike slip a tiny bit as I did a right turn this morning. I took it very easy and it didn't go any further, but if there was another thing in the way of my recovery I can imagine how quickly and easily I could have gone down. Of course, when I was almost home I had a dog tear out at me. Arrrggh! Fun riding :LOL:
  14. yeah it is, but i don't think it's worth putting it thorugh on insurance.....excess being 450 and all it does is make my premium bigger next year.

    Will have alook around on ebay and a few other places, but am sure i should be able to get the important parts for well under that. Then it just leaves the tank, and might hit my cousin up (who is a panel beater) up to help me fix and respray it. :wink:

    Really the only thing that i am not sure if i can get it fixed is the carbon remus pipe skin. :mad:

    But the part of this that really pisses me off about all this is, that it wasn't like i was fcuking around, speeding, splitting, diving in and out of traffic, praticing wheelies or any other of number of stupid things that i probably do every other day..... it was just a straight fcuking road that i couldn't even ride down :mad:
  15. Sorry for your off.
    Glad the third leg is ok. That would be painful! :LOL:
  16. Let that be a lesson to you then - stop being such a boring git and get back to playing like an idiot! You poor bugger. I know how frustrating it is... "I came of THEN??!"
  17. Gees Stewy I didn't realise you felt so left out after helping me repair the damage when i binned my bike a fortnight ago. :p

    Glad to hear you are ok. :grin:
  18. Jeez Stewy, that's bad luck. :(

    Perhaps you need to consult some of Netrider's straight-line specialists? :grin:

  19. :rofl: know anyone off the top of your hat :rofl: