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RNP vs Old Road for Newbies

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheYak, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. After a few runs through the Royal National Park (won't forget the first one for a while), my curiosity for the Old Road was piqued. After some encouragement to check it out from another forum member, I went for a run yesterday, and several runs today :grin:

    A few observations (other newbies might find some of this useful):

    • Road surface/seal quality: The Old Road wins hands down. Where the RNP has plenty of potholes, crests and waves from deformation, cracked up shoulders, etc, the OR is generally in good to great condition. There's less plant material on the OR too.

      Cagers: Obviously this will vary from day to day, but the RNP seems to be busier on weekends than the OR. No idea about weekdays, other than the OR being almost cage-free (and possibly barnlaid) today.

      Twisties: The RNP has more tight turns, the OR not as many, but more faster turns. RNP wins for fun factor (after your get to know the corners a little), OR for speed. The corners don't tend to tighten on the OR.

      Passabilty: It's much easier for faster riders to pass on the OR. Parts are dual carriage on the way down. The decent shoulders on most parts mean that learners can feel more comfortable pulling to the side to let the fast guys past, too. RNP, long waits between passing opportunities a lot of the time.

      Scenery: RNP's turn for a hands down win. The OR has some pretty sights too, but nothing beats the view from Bald Hill after a run through the twisties. Will have to revisit after taking different paths on both.

    This is based on runs down through Audley to Coledale, and to Calga, respectively. Will have to explore both runs some more :) I think I've conquered my left-hander problem, I guess the next run through the RNP will be all telling :eek:

    Summary, the OR is probably the more newbie-friendly pack of twisties...but they're different. Maybe the RNP is original, and OR is chicken flavour :rofl:
  2. The old road?

    The old road? On the central coast?
  3. Have to agree with all of that. I was on the old pac today 3-4. They're in the process of resealing bits of it, very gradually.

    I could be wrong but the OR seems far longer than the rnp. I don't know the national park very well so I'm not too hot there.

    For some reason OR attracts every cage learner around, are us riders taking your kids there to learn or what? Seriously I don't think I've ever done OR without seeing at least 4 learners, often alot more.
  4. Good write up - only ridden RNP a couple of times - nice ride. The rides down to Garie/Wattamola also well worth the detour - weekdays only though

    You were pretty close to some great 85kmh sweepers at Calgo and only another 70kms to Wollombi :cool:
  5. Hmmm i prefer the RNP, I know the roads and the corners, so it's more fun. The RNP is a more technical and tight run than the OR, which makes it more enjoyable at lower speeds. The OR tends to be a bit of a racetrack...
  6. gonna have to try the OR.

    hands up who was up at stanwell top this past wknd? notably sunday when that police chopper did that impressive appearance and than dive back down.

    OH MY F#@king GAWD :p
  7. *puts hand up* i was there on sunday!!!

    missed the police chopper though :?
  8. You cant beat the old pac, its pretty much cager free during the weekdays. The corners do allow for some faster corners and helps to push your riding ability within limits :wink:
    I miss the old pac :cry:
  9. old road is infinitely better than RNP.
  10. Oh, but how can you miss the galston gorge? Or the run up out of berowra? Throw all those into a old road ride and you've got a great day out :grin:

    Good observations about both roads. I haven't done either on the weekend, and don't really want to. (Benifits of being a shift worker)
  11. Whenever possible I try to avoid OR on sundays. Counted 4 coppers last time I was there on a sunday.
  12. ride faster?
  13. :p They were the highway patrol speed camera ones! They chose not to pull me over every time they passed me, guess they had bigger (more skilled) fish (litre bikes) to fry :LOL:
  14. I'd chose the Old Road International Raceway anyday over the RNP :grin:
  15. Thanks for the feedback! Will probably try to fit both in this weekend again, and take some of the other arterial roads :grin: Both are great, just different...
  16. OR is way over policed. Brisbane Water HWP have been given an endless budget to use for cracking down on bike riders speeding and hooning there. It's a good road, but if you ride fast you may well be unlucky.
  17. Thanks for that Tweet :) Are they mostly on the 80km posted sections? I pretty much stayed under 90 on all the straights, corners and through the 'towny' bits obviously less.
  18. Definitely overpoliced, I noticed 4 or 5 cops last sunday run I did, and the weather was even a bit dodgy looking. None of them pulled me over, which makes me think either its too much effort to turn around (they had the builton speed cameras) or they didn't think I was crazy enough to merit ruining my day. I guess they were making their presence known to stop people going totally nuts, but possibly still allowing us leeway to have fun, within certain limits, and only cracking down on those who are just irresponsibly fast (some of those corners are BuMpY!).
  19. Tight and technical? Im going to have to give the brush turkeys at RNP a vist!

    My mates that ride it only ride it after work so maybe thats one thing to keep in mind.

    OR Cops are funny. Realistically there is nothing they can do around a corner as they cant get a lock onto you. Stick to the posted limits on the straights and keep an eye out. People are usually good there however there are some that insist of warning of cops even though they seen them 50 klm down the road :roll:

    Sunday arvo's, sometimes mornings are the worst for cops
  20. Man, sometimes I thank my lucky stars I'm a shiftworker - I'd never bother to tackle the old road on the weekend. I usually go on a weekday, and there's noone, let alone cops. Y'all should take a day off work and do it - it'd probably be a lot safer and a lot more fun.