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RNP, Mittagong to Picton via Perth! Dropped the bike!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by habibi, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Went on a great ride today courtesey of Tweet and his mate Dan. Thanks for a great day today guys..

    I cant even bloody remember where we went, only remember chasing down dan and his crazy bike!! Dan, I think your bike wants to getyou into trouble mate!!

    Very nice sharp twisties wherever we were... Still getting used to them. I did take one at a speed which had my heart in my mouth for a while but slowly learning to trust the bike and seems as though it really feels like theres more grip when you're at a lower angle.

    A Lesson for all those who are learners!! Put the bike into gear when on putting it on the stand... especially on a hill or it will spit the dummy and try to squash you like a bug into the ground.

    Alright, she survived with only the front mud guard cracked and scratched..

    Thanks again for helping this Learner get some k's guy's!!
  2. It was a great day thanks mate, tweet is always out there helping young guys get some km's up, think he really likes someone to ride with. you did well today Habibi, sorry about your drop, but i think i speak for all that when i say, it happens to all of us, i'd say 70% of drops happen in carparks. so dont worry, your not hurt and lesson learnt. also, just another lesson, dont try to keep up, best way to learn is at your own pace.... trust in that only you know how well you can ride and you know your own limits.. is ok to push your limits but try not to exceed them... it usually hurts, any time you want to go again. count me in... :cool:
  3. hey which road were you on between mittagong and picton?

    i ride the upper southern highlands a bit, and ride alot around picton and menangle park.
  4. lol when i first got my bike, i popped a mono accidental and my carry thing got damaged , but you learn from your mistakes.
  5. I haven't seen you around... Have you met the magpie just out of Picton, heading towards the cement factory yet? :LOL:
  6. What does that mean?? sorry but could you clarify.. is a mono the same as a wheelie? and your "carry thing"? what's that?
  7. i had a tgb 101 r scooter and it had a rack , so u can carry something

    u can see the mark on the scooter i once had!
  8. good ol tweet and dan always giving you guys something to chase on their blackbirds :cool:
  9. OI!
    I was at he back all day...
  10. These 2 guys are great for going on runs with. They do look after the learners and do there best to make anyone who wants to ride welcome!
  11. I'll vouch for that, Tweet was held up by me all day! Thanks for making sure nothing happened to me Tweet!
  12. Damn it!! Always have to work when you guys are having fun.....

    Now get back to It!! :grin: :grin:


    Glad you had a good ride there Habibi... not you Dan and Tweet (its just not fair) :LOL: :LOL:
  13. HA he was trying to get past but you rode all over the road like an old woman...... :LOL: , No serioulsy tweet is great at looking out for the new guys, i love the company at the stops, just like to get there before he sun goes down... :cool: and enjoy my banana paddle pop
  14. tweet and dan's office is on their blackbirds

    it sux sitting in my office chair at work knowing you guys are out riding. nice weather all week then come this weekend and it turns to sh!t

  15. I can only say one thing...
    Less whingeing, More Riding!
  16. Tweet, you riding today? I suddenly have the urge to let me bike dry off after its wash.. I was thinking of heading down to natio by myself but if you want i'll let you tag along behind me :p
  17. touche u got me there tweet
    good one mate
    i should change it to less working more riding eh
  18. omfg, you too?!?!?! haha yea the sucker got me about 2 weeks ago, it dead set had 4 goes at me, the first was a big thump! lol.

    i thought it was a one off because i got a bit of glitter in my helmet. hahaha
  19. Maggpies??? you guys need to learn what that thing on the right handle bar does.... youknow that thing that rolls around the bar...?? :p