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NSW RMX250S - Arncliffe

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by smiley33, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. Hello folks..
    scumbags got away with my RMX250 (uninsured as she was up to be sold..sigh). Rego was NKA70
    the bikes has:
    Bubbly tank stickers
    Shinko Golden biy DS tyres
    Gold chain
    stock pipes. Ding on matt black.
    speedo cable broken
    speedo reads 4975 kms
    v force reeds
    VIN JS1SJ14A 000 500 835

    VPG sticker ( very rare. black font on white square)
    pink renthal stickers on each side
    Moto Tassinari stickers on tail.

    the bike had to be sold to make money which I need for family...

    While I never wish harm upon anyone..I hope that without speedo they will exceed the low tyre max speed and..seriously hurt themselves.

    There is 300 dollar reward paid to info leading to its recovery with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We all do stupid things.. no give me my bike back. need the money more than the thief...
    thanks for being on the lookout. The police are.. indifferent to a certain degree. I understand.

    Thank You,

    __TEMP__5189dd4089e2a03eb00a385073bffc32-1418180361_85_CAM02086. __TEMP__a9628b23ece9854019b6a9aad1ca70e5-1418180361_85_CAM02082. __TEMP__d2e643ea880c8b6f9e10e496867bb485-1418180361_85_CAM02087. __TEMP__5189dd4089e2a03eb00a385073bffc32-1418180361_85_CAM02086. __TEMP__a9628b23ece9854019b6a9aad1ca70e5-1418180361_85_CAM02082. __TEMP__d2e643ea880c8b6f9e10e496867bb485-1418180361_85_CAM02087.
  2. scumbags indeed
  3. oh and I can be reached on 0408 146 352 :) ANYTIME!
  4. Bike HAS been recovered by the good people at NSW police Cabramatta LAC .
    The offender was caught riding it - they have tried to tamper with the VIN numbers... and bike has been found in surprisingly good condition.

    Now to arrange to get it from Cabra police station is proving hard... but at least the bike has been found!
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  5. Glad to hear the cops found it.
    Hopefully you get it back soon!