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RM gear feedback

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by sjestory, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Just bought a new pair of gloves from RaceMaster (www.rmgear.com.au) and since RM is a Netrider partner I thought I'd post some feedback.
    Getting the right fit is critical with gloves as with most bike gear so I wasn't prepared to buy online without trying them on first. Phoned Craig and arranged to visit him in Narre Warren.
    He has a great range of good stuff at really amazing prices. How about a fully armoured leather jacket with zip-out winter liner for $180 and the same for leather pants that zip into the jacket?
    Anyway, I found a pair of gloves that I liked. Advertised price of $70. Flashed my Netrider card and got them for $50. Why pay more.
    I have absolutely no connection to Racemaster (in case you were wondering). Just a very satisfied customer.
    I'll keep you posted about the gloves after a few rides.
    Cheers :)

  2. Yeah, RM are awseome. I got a race suit from then recently, as well as a Dyno for my wife. Excellent value for money and quality seems great.

    Craig was fantastic to deal with, ringing and letting me know when the shipment was sent out from overseas, then confirmed once it had landed and he'd taken receipt of it.

    The Netrider discount made a ig difference to the purchasing costs. If you're after some gear then definitely chech RMgear out.
    Now a mates wife wants a Dyno jacket like my wifes as well, so I'll be putting more business through them for sure.


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  4. I bought all my leather kit from him as well, almost all perfect. Cant question the quality of the leather or the fit, but the press stud on the pants was SUPER cheap, cost me $4 at a leather repair place to get another fitted.

    I think the metal slidy bit of the zips are little cheap too i broke one off the other day :( All the others seem fine and i was trying to open it while riding so maybe it was me :)

    The gloves i bough are too big for me, anyone wanna do a swap ffor almost anything and these brand new race gloves?
  5. RM Gear - Extremely Happy

    Gday all.

    Seeing how I had seen glowing reviews from other members on the board about Craig at RM Gear I decided to give it a god. That, and the prices were right.

    At first I was a bit apprehensive about buying apparel since sizes and fit are a pretty individual thing but I started talking to Craig and asking some questions. Replies were on the whole very quick and useful (and there was a lot of email back and forth). I was told what measurements were needed in order to select the appropriate sized jacket and after that what actual brand-name jackets I could try in store that would give an accurate representation of the jackets fit.

    I also decided to order some gloves, providing just my measurements in order to find the right fit. The good thing is a full refund (minus cost of shipping) was available if the gear doesn't fit.

    I ordered them on Saturday and they arrived this morning, so shipping time was excellent (note: the items that I ordered were in stock).

    As for the jacket and gloves (leather Dyno jacket Race 3 type leather gloves) themselves I am extremely happy with them. The jacket has the exact fit I was after and the gloves fit like a...nah won't say it (might get Humourated), but they fit really well. The jacket feels good and solid with a nice hefty weight about it. The removable liner I can definitely see coming in handy when it begins to warm up again next spring/summer as well as the zippered vents located near the armpits. The one thing I might look into is putting some different armour into the elbows as I prefer the feel of some types I have tried in stores, but thats just me.

    Picked them both up for $240 delivered. Definitely the right price. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for gear to look at RM Gear in the future.

    Note: This sounds like a shameless plug, and it is. This is because I am very impressed with the product and service and hence I thought Craig at RM Gear deserved this review
  6. how close have you guys been to the quotes sizes?
    I have talked to craig about sizing, and he said the chest might be a bit baggy on me. Yet when i look at the size chart it seems a bit off. (though from what i hear, he seems to know his product so i take his word for it) Since it is my first jacket i dunno what fit should be like really!
    I realise i can return the item if it doesnt fit, but then im wasting $50 on postage.
    Im really keen on getting one, but if i cant use it well.. i find it hard to decide!!!
  7. with the first suit i bought, he was spot on, i still tried it on, but he got it right straight off. i've tried everything else on without even looking at the size of it and always gotten the right thing, but i guess you dont have that option :?

    he's pretty good with the sizing normally, i havn't heard a lot of complaints about that (a couple of smaller people have found his smaller stuff just a little too big). i guess its up to you whether you want to take the gamble, i doubt it would be that far off that it would be useless to you tho...
  8. When I provided my measurements Craig said that the sizes might be too big for me. He then told me to go try on some Alpinestar jackets, which I did. I tried them on in the store, saw how the different sizes fitted (note: remember to jot down what type of jacket you tried on and what size it was and your thoughts on the fit) and how they felt. I then reported my experience back to Craig.

    For example, I tried on a size 48 Alpinestar jacket and it was snug, good fit. I tried on a size 50 and it was noticeably looser than the 48 but still a good feel. I ended up getting a size 50 jacket from Craig because I knew I would be wearing layers underneath it and it provided the extra room to do it.

    From this I got a perfectly fitting jacket!