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rLink Alarm quick review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chuchu91, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    About a week ago I picked up my CB400 and along with it I purchased an rLink alarm. Was looking to get one of these for a while, even for the megelli but never got around to do it. Though if I am going to spend a bit more on a bike that I plan to keep for a while I might as well invest in some security.

    The alarm comes with the following features:
    GPS tracking – allowing you to track where your bike is and ride locations and speed
    Tilt, shock and perimeter sensor
    App compatible with iPhone – you can view all the information and arm, disarm, panic and locate your bike from your phone remotely.
    Push alert for iPhones – if an alarm goes off it will notify your phone
    RFID remote – allowing for auto arm and disarm
    Battery voltage monitor and other battery saving features

    The dealer installed the alarm before i picked it up, though I was happy to do it myself, from what I can tell all you need to do is wire it into the turn signals on each side, attach it to the battery and the hardest part is to find a place to mount everything. The alarm needs to be mounted where there are no metal objects above it, blocking it from recieveing GPS and communication signal.

    First thing I did with the bike was play around with the proximity sensor. The alarm comes pre-adjusted from the factory; however I found this too sensitive for my liking. The alarm would pick up moving objects within 2m and that seemed too far from the bike to be concerned. The second thing was to adjust the shock sensor. With the factory setting I was able to shake the bike by the grab handle without the alarm going off. However you may not want to turn it up too high as wind from passing truck may set the alarm off.

    I love the auto arm and disarm function, simply having the remote within range the alarm will not go off until it is out of range. The range however is not far and really shouldn’t be. You also have the ability to turn the auto arm and disarm off, but unless you’re by your bike working on it, I really don’t see a need to do so. You are also able to check whether the bike is arm or disarmed off your phone, however after an hour, the alarm goes into power-saver and you are unable to do so. You will however still be able to see detail on the bike, and once it detects a threat the power-saver turns off.

    The instruction manuals are very clear on instructions on how to adjust and play with all the components of the alarm. I also found rLinks service very helpful, responding overnight to my emails. The alarm cost $11USD or so a month for the tracking features, which I found reasonable. The alarm also lowered the cost of my insurance so over time would probably pay itself off. It can also be easily transferred from one bike to another when upgrading.

    Feel free to ask any questions, I know this is a poor right up but have some time during uni break so though I should help people out.

  2. So $120 per year for 'monitoring' how much to buy the alarm intially and how much reduction do you get thru insurance [in your case] as age and ratings would have an impact to a degree I'd think.
  3. Ditto

    If I keep my bike any longer I'd like to eventually install something like this.
  4. I looked at the rLink systems before but I can't justify that kind of cash for the added convenience. Sounds like you have the rLink (sr-i1100). Top of the line! Congrats :)

    I looked around at what seems to be popular and I found and ordered one of these 3 days ago

    Can't wait to have it installed.
    ....and check out the PRICE!!
    Cost me $65AUD including shipping!!

    I see this as a deterrent (Preventative Control) rather than a Corrective one (i.e. track down my bike)
    I think that, if someone's looking at nicking the bike and it starts talking to them, they might think twice and move on to someone else's.

    The Cyclone V2 talking version has 3 new phrases.
    When the alarm is turned off and the key on it says "Alarm disarmed", when you switch on your motorcycle.
    If your bike is touched it will first warn by saying "Step back! This bike is alarmed" if they touch your motorcycle. If they persist the alarm will be activated.
    The alarm also will alert you if your alarm is not armed by saying "Please arm the alarm".

    •American micro-chip technology alarm unit
    •125dB siren
    •Random coded remotes prevents duplication
    •Manual arming- will not set itself off every 10 seconds when refueling!
    •Remote keyless engine starting (can be disabled)
    •Anti-hijack function
    •Bike locating function
    •Overtake warning
    •Silent alarm/immoboliser function
    •Blue high intensity flashing LED
    •2 new redesigned slimline remotes with chrome edges
    •Simple operation. Fully automatic immobilisation if alarm is triggered
    •Fully fitted to over 95% of motorbikes without cutting a single wire in half! No more risks or potential warranty issues!
    •Fitting time reduced from 90 mins to under 30 mins ( for the average fitter )
    •All connectors included to get you up and running quickly
    •VERY EASY TO FOLLOW WIRE GUIDE! This explains as well as shows what to do
    •12 month warranty
    •WIRING DIAGRAM FOR YOUR EXACT MOTORCYCLE TYPE - one diagram does not fit all as some sellers will have you believe! YOU MUST STATE THE BIKE TYPE FOR US TO DO THIS
  5. The alarm cost me $500, but its something that like i said i would probably move with me to my next bike as well

    As for insurance, i don't remember exactly what i got off as a result of the alarm but when buying the bike i was able to get it roughly $800 a month cheaper than what the companies website quoted.

    The installation is quiet simple. while it doesnt have bike specific instructions, all you needed to do was place a clip over your indicator wires and an o-ring connector over your battery terminal. The alarm doesnt really set itself off while you are near it as long as you have the remote say in your pocket.
  6. i think GPS isn't going to add much as needing it kinda indicates that they've managed to steal it.

    if proximity, shock & RF paging aren't enough then it becomes your insurance company's problem.

    EDIT: is it the GPS tracking that lowers the insurance? cos I suppose then its an investment even if its never used, but if the rest of the alarm is enough to get the discount then I wouldn't bother with GPS.