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rk ek did chains...whats the go?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by LCGTR1970, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. hi guys..
    i did a search and cant seem to find the info i want.
    im replacing the sprockets and chain on the monster (600 if that helps) as theyre quite worn out.
    now ive managed to get the sprockets ok, but was looking at the chains.
    initially i was told to go an RK GXW which is an 'X' ring chain.
    i have also been told that a DID chain is the goods too...but it may be an 'O' ring chain.
    And there is also an EK chain which is an 'X' ring chain.

    What I want to know is this....Is the 'O' ring chain any good? Is the 'X' ring any good? Why would I choose an X ring over an O ring or vise versa?
    And what are these brands (RK, EK, and DID) like?

    thanks guys and gals for the input.
  2. it is basically the cross section of the little rubber seal on each link of the chain.

    As far as I care, to the average user the seal type means diddly squat if you maintain your chain. Most of Us(me included) can't ride like racers.
  3. simply put, X-ring is better.

    infact you will find it hard to find an O-ring chain, as most manufacturers swapped over to X-ring
    DID chains are now mostly X-ring as they seal better - especially due to the wear pattern, they are still available as an O-ring - but only in certain sizes (mostly small chains 520 and under, only people i know who buy them are some off-road riders, and people coming in specificallly asking for them as their manual tells them to...... the manual is over 10yrs old](*,)) and unless ordered in will most likely be old stock.

    as for brands... well different stores sell their brand and will reccomend it. stick to a well known brand, and you should be fine
  4. thanks for the help guys.
    so are DID and EK good brands? As good as RK?reason i ask is that there seems to be quite a price difference between RK and DID and EK....RK being the most expensive.
  5. DID is probably the 'regular' chain you will find in australia and ive had three which had great wear.
    EK is also a great brand ive only had one though.
    RK ive no experience.

    Likely any of those brands will be fine, stick with X ring, look after it, itll look after you.
    Recommend rivet link though, ive had no end of trouble with a clip links actual clip falling off (though fortunately the master link itself stayed in place).
  6. They are the different brands. Not chain types.
    I use RK X Gold. And yup bloody expensive.
    The diff between the two as far as I know is an X ring will last longer and be easier to maintain. The X has two sealing faces. Think like this IXI see ha ha where the O can leave big gaps for the lube to get out and the crap in. Specially when bending over the front sprocket.
  7. Also that RK is an XW ring (hence being called XW :p) basically its got an extra little ridge on one side compared to a standard x ring. Will it make a difference? Probably not. RK make fantastic chains though... As do DID and EK. Go for whatever you can get the best price on...
  8. sweet. thanks guys. i ended up grabbing a did x ring chain.
    thanks for the advice.