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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pragnasty, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. help!!!! :cry: :cry:

    has anyone got any reports on rjays gear; eg: new mesh jackets and pants? :D

    i cant find any links on the net, so just hoping for some feedback? :)

    and lol i will be riding all weather and i know the jacket im getting is like a mesh, so i thought these would be allright to wear over the top???


    :LOL: :LOL: but seriously i thought it was a cracker of an idea. they cant miss me in those??? can they?? :oops:
  2. I was looking at a Husky jacket in an industrial safety store a week or so ago. It was only $139 +GST, had a zip out liner, storm front, very waterproof, very hot (as in temperature). To wear over my work clothes I'd need a 4XL, so I thought I'd found the answer. The downside was that they only had them in international orange and fluro green! I'm told the same jacket in normal colours is over $200, but of course they don't stock them, and I can't find a website for Husky.

    I've been looking at snowmobile jackets on eBay as a way to get around the hideous markups on imported motorbike clothing, but of course I'd rather buy something I can look at first, try on, and suport a local retailer. fat chance huh?
  3. sucks dont it. u try to start a new fashion trend, and no wants to join in. :LOL:

    i reckon theyd be great when i went to a rave i wouldnt have to change. \:D/

    but seriouly ive actually got a cycling jacket which are great caus theryre designed for a saddle, but try finding one thats waterproof! a lot easier to store though i thought. thats why the standard rainbird jackets are great. :eek: but i like to stand out from the crowd =P~
  4. Try Black Rose leathers in Port Melbourne, might be something there that fits your needs.
  5. www.underdog-leathers.com
    One of our own netriders, Dale is the melbourne ditributor.
    Prices compare with black rose and are better quality.
    Also there is a netrider discount.
    Leathers are made to measure.