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rjays vs expensive brand (Eg dainese)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by daedalus, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. further to my post abt standard clothing vs motorbike clothing (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=67703&highlight=)

    i have decided to buy the full gear

    RJays from MCA is the cheapest. do they offer similar protection as the more expensive brands? is it the case of the more expensive brands just looking better?
  2. Sometimes, but generally no.

    As with anything you get what you pay for. As an example, I tried a pair of rjays boots and they started falling apart at the stitching after a few days of use, took them back they said must be a one off try another pair so I did. Repeated this 3 times before they just gave me a refund and I got some $200 ones (instead of the $120 I spent on rjays). Again this $200 pair was at the low range of boots but still ok protection and lasted I guess almost 2 years of nearly daily constant abuse before getting fairly ragged and worn out. Now I have near $600 boots and they offer protection not even comparable to budget boots (but hmm I just compared them then lol).

    That said you can still buy gear which doesn't cost the earth but provides good protection and is still durable. But buying bottom of the barrel and you will notice the difference once you've tried better stuff.

    Each to their own I guess, but I wouldn't buy rjays protective gear again.
  3. I have an Rjays Textile winter jacket and it is very good.
    No complaints here and it has been for a decent test to Mildura and back in the cold and the rain.
  4. agreed. can you please recommend me some mid-range brands? i dont mind paying more for protection but i would rather not pay more for looks
  5. I have a full set of RJays textiles - comfortable, warm when needed and cool when needed. Armour seems ok but I've not tested it. Well priced - I've owned the jacket for 2 years and it's still fine. The pants I've had for 4 months and they are excellent.

    Also have an RJays TourTech flip front helmet - excellent! Well made, good fit and finish.

    Have not tried the boots but thinking about it.

    YMMV but I'm happy with mine. :grin:
  6. I've got an rjays leather jacket. Over two years constant use and it's been great. In fact when I got the bottom half for two piece leathers, I bought RJays coz I was happy with the jacket and they seem good so far.

    I haven't tested any of them in an off so far, but they seem strong.

    I went Sidi boots though, coz I wanted good ankle protection. So never tried their boots and I probly never will, as they don't make the sort of high protective boot I am after afaik.
  7. I have a set of rjay's boots, they were cheap and seem to be holding up well (going on a year of owning them soon). Haven't crash tested them (and don't plan to hopefully) they are comfy enough protection offered seems a lot less than what others claim eg achilies protection, toe protection and ankle protection rigidity isn't real high so you could easily damage an ankle I imagine
  8. Same here, I've got an RJays textile jacket and all seems fine (although the elbows do leak for some reason in real heavy rain) otherwise quite happy with it.
  9. I can only pass on what I know from what I've owned and lived with. My 'shift' 2 piece leather suit (just under 900 delivered from states) has a slight tear in material on the side where the top zips to the bottom - although this doesn't effect protection at all I'll need to fix it as it sometimes gets caught up in the zip when attaching/detaching. Year and a half so far

    Alpinestars sp2 gloves 120 I think they're called, small amount of rain stuffed the material between the thumb and finger, pretty much disintegrating. Pretty disappointing as it happened after only a month or two - for whats supposed to be a quality glove its kind of annoying. Protection is good though. Had them for maybe a year

    AGV helmet, $300 job. 3 years on, no complaints but probably should upgrade it sometime..

    Dri rider gloves 120. Lasted a while and two crashes before slowly disintegrating. In rain/sweat the leather stained the hands blue, pretty annoying. About a year these lasted

    Falco axis boots $200 - I would recommend something like this. For the price its quite good, the zipper can be a bit annoying getting caught on inner material. Lasting 2+ years of wearing almost every day in every condition, they are a bit tattered now but still wearable. Protection is good for the price, but the velcro at the top is average so replacing with more heavy duty velcro would improve safety (less likely to come off in a crash. Comfortable enough to wear all day, to walk anywhere in or at least they were up until a few months ago now they're so worn its very roomy and less padding at the bottom. 2+ years before upgrading and keeping these as spares

    Dri rider jacket climate control (the original) fantastic in summer, but with the layers that come with it its very adaptable to cold/rain (not that I ever bothered to put them in, too lazy and dont mind the cold even in winter). It is a little short though and I can imagine it could just bunch up if you were sliding on your back. That said I came off wearing it twice at less than 20kmh, a scratch or two but 100% wearable. I had a blue one and it did get stained by bugsplatter pretty bad so consider black if you happen to get one of those. 3+ years still fine

    Also, its kind of relevant to know how long you've had your gear when talking about it, no point saying oh its great etc. if you've only had it a few months. Cheap gear is often fine in terms of purpose but degrades much faster than more quality products.
  10. I had an Rjays textile jacket after 6 months of use I had an off at 50 km/h the jacket was ripped to shit.

    The armour did it's job but the kevlar patches ripped out of the sleeves and there was a hole the normal materal to,

    not overly impressed when i think about what could havve happened at higher speed.

    though i did land head shoulder first
  11. had dri rider climate control 2 - didnt like it after a couple months just wasnt comfy so i tossed it for a dainese kirishima jacket and it was perfect like a 2nd skin and when i crashed in it at 60k's lost a bit of the leather on the side i slid but still very very good and wearable so when the insurance replaced it i bought a dainese santa monica and its not only just as good but better over 1 year now and i love it!

    pants had draggin black cargos they were great nice and comfy and looked good too, crashed in them and they did the job kevlar held up but the material tore so insurance replaced them and i bought dainese leather pants and also hornee jeans.
    the dainese leathers are perfect but the hornees are not.
    i find the hornee's not very comfy and a odd fit, wont be buying them again.

    boots- dri rider nordic great all purpose boot, very comfy and held up well in a crash but replaced them with sidi vertigos which are just so much better but for $130 the dri rider boots are perfect.

    gloves dri rider strada gloves were pathetic didnt like them so i replaced them with some joe rockets speedmaster 2.0 and they are great.

    lid - i have a shoei head so i got the TZR and again i love it.

    everyone is different when it comes to gear i know dainese fits well but alpine star doesnt fit as good.
    its really a matter of finding something in your budget that fits you well, i try not to go towards the budget end, after my crash i decided id have nothing but the best i could afford on my body so i invested alot more $$$ into my gear.
  12. I've got these as well - excellent value for money. Would be happy to purchase them again.
  13. joe rocket, cortech or tourmaster


    like joe rocket myself
  14. RST Shift Leathers $400 jacket $350 pants

    Laro Leathers $320 pants, good quality leathers and a good non-baggy arsed cut to them for the same sort of $$ you'll pay for RJays which I dont think are as good.
    Laro have a matching jacket that zips to the pants as well, check out their website as I cant remember the price.
  15. You'll hear good and bad about pretty much any brand - I've had an RJays leather jacket since I started nearly 4 years ago. It's seen me through daily use and 2 offs with just some slight scuffs on shoulders. Grubby but structurally fine. Now have a pair of RJays sports gloves which are looking like they'll last about a year of daily wear OK, which is pretty standard for me. Large RJays rack bag is coping with pretty heavy use OK.

    Dainese winter gloves lasted a month before the branding started pealing off - nothing wrong with the gloves or their performance, but doesn't exactly scream quality to me. How many hours and dollars worth of R&D came up with that? :LOL:
  16. the joe rocket stuff at big warehouse and laro leather stuff looks good value for money!

    i will find a stockist near me for laro leather and check it out

    in the mean time i posted another question about my specific needs (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=67858)

    thanks guys for all your replies!
  17. I have a RJays jacket from ebay which fits great, feels good, and a the armour makes me feel better than my dririder, although the dririder is warmer.

    Haven't come off yet, and don't wish to test it, but I'm happy with it.

    Would like to find some pants to match as well.