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Rjays Urban Boots

Discussion in 'Boots' started by Jeffco, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. #1 Jeffco, Apr 21, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016
    So been back riding for approximately 4 years and in that time I've been wearing my Joe Rocket big bang boots and then a little over a year ago bought myself a pair of Fly racing M21 boots. Review of those here Review: Fly racing M21 boots

    Both these boots have been great, great protection, water resistant and great prices as I got both of them second hand.

    But a couple of weeks ago, on my morning commute to work along the Monash we had a down pour, and my water resistant Joe rockets became my very own indoor swimming pools :sick:

    So by the time I finally got to work I had decided to finally get that pair of water proof boots I always figured Id eventually need.
    So after a couple of days of google fu I decided on a pair these

    Rjays Urban Boots




    Super Lightweight, Abrasion Resistant Microfibre Construction
    • RJays Aquashield Lined

    - 100% Breathable
    - 100% Water Proof
    - 100% Wind Proof

    - Internal Dual ankle cup protection
    - Reinforced toe andhHeel protection
    - Gear shift toe pad
    - ¾ length zip with Velcro closure

    No luck at PS Dng so I ended up at AMX Lynbrook.
    Plenty of stock tried a pair on they felt good on, quality looked good to so I grabbed them.
    $130 $20 less than advertised elsewhere.

    Once home had a better inspection quality and finish looked great, so I applied some dubbins to them and then let them sit for a couple of days.

    Velcro reveals a zip there is also a bit of Velcro attached to the zip so when you pull the zip up you can Velcro it to the top part of the boot. Easy to get on and off.

    Spent the last week wearing them on my daily commute, they feel very comfortable on once you get past that weird new boot feeling :eek:.

    Feet stay warm when riding and feel great when you put them down, no slips or issues.

    but the big test was to see how they performed in the rain and I got my wish tonite. On my commute home to the hills (approximately 40 Ks) it rained consistently the entire way.

    Got home took of the wet weather gear slipped off the boots to reveal warm and toasty toes :)

    No Water leaks, boots looked great couldn't tell they had been out in the wet.

    So if you like a shorter style boot that still covers your ankle and gives great protection in the wet I highly recommend the Urbans Rjays not Keith and Nicole
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  2. I'll have to give the dubbin a go, as I have these boots and they have a puddle in them this morning! I have applied other sprays and creams that seam to hold up for one wet ride, but once they are damp, commuting on a few more wet days see's them get wetter quicker as they have not had a chance to dry out from the day before.
  3. Stick some crumbled up paper towel or newspaper in them to dry up the puddles & if can you set them aside for a couple of days and let them dry out
  4. They look like a short version of the R Jays Tour AM that I have.
    They've always kept my feet dry and warm.