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RJays Tomcat

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Jay77, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Ok, so I'm browsing around looking for a new open face lid,
    Becoming mildly annoyed at the wide range and cheap prices we do not have in this country.
    And then I came across this
    The Rjays Tomcat

    My question is, what style of bike is this helmet aimed at?
    Too aggressive for a scooter surely, and obviously not sports riders.
    Cruisers? Possibly. Or maybe cafe bikes?
    Any thoughts?
  2. Does it matter? If you like it, get it
  3. It's clearly for Space Cruisers, a new type of motorcycle that combines futuristic sci-fi looks with a cruiser engine and riding position ;-)
  4. Otherwise known as a Honda DN-01

    I've always assumed the target market for that particular helmet was inner-city hipsters - who have no idea what sort of bike they ride.
  5. Check out the rocket thrusters on that baby :)
    Maybe they're dual purpose helmets, space cruiser jockeys and inner-city hipsters?
  6. Anyone riding under 90KPH