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RJays Striker helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RED ZX, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I picked up my latest helmet: the RJays Striker.


    My other helmets:
    KBC Open face (comfy, was to be used in the car when I went to the drags)
    Shoei TZR (fantastic helmet, well worth the money)

    I went into a shop a couple weeks ago and sized on up, tried it on, and it seemed ok for the 5 or so mins I wore it in the shop.

    The next week a local bike shop had a sale, and I managed to negotiate a decent price for 2 of them, one for me and one for my partner.

    Today I took the Striker for its first ride. It would be interesting for me to compare my more expensive Shoei to the RJays.

    First impression about the build quality:

    -The foam inside had plenty of vent areas in the right spots, I did not get hot and sweaty in it at all.
    -Vents on the exterior are very easy to open/close while wearing gloves, but they do seem a little cheap in construction (the release on forehead looks like it might come off after some use).
    -The chin strap is nice and secure, quite happy with it actually
    -Visor changing is easy enough, and the visor mechanism is fine.
    -Fully removable lining comes out and goes back in nice and easy.

    On the road:
    After about 15 mins on the road somethings became apparent:
    -Wind noise, MUCH worse than my Shoei, higher pitched howling, regardless of what I did with the vents/visor/head angle. It seemed to come from the fin at the rear.
    -pressure spots, about this far into the ride the slightly too hard foam is really pressing onto a few points around my skull. I found myself having to stop every 20mins and have a break when my concentration was more on the pain than the road.

    Basically, this helmet does not suit my head. That is not the manufacturers fault, so it is not a problem of the product.
    I will have another opinion of the helmet soon when my partner tries her's out properly.

    If it fits you and is comfy, then great. Wind noise is higher than other helmets.
    Great value for money, and visors are cheap (only $29 for a tinted)
    good ventilation, but be careful not to be to rough with the releases.

  2. whoops, can someone please move this to the Product reviews section?

    Cheers. :oops: :oops: