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RJays Stealth 1pc Suit?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Sep 21, 2007.

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  2. Have you seen one of these dude? I looked at em and a few others recently. Rjays wasnt in the same league as the others. Check what sort of stitching it uses also. (the part most likely to let you down)

    I honestly wouldnt look at a suit under a grand. Having said that, try em on cos you just may not have an RJAYs body shape.

    I bought a Teknic Dominator suit. Got mine for $1250 but checking ebay lsatnight, i could have bought one from the states for $750 shipped.

    TRY EM ON!!! You'll know straight away which one is for you.

    Edit: It uses double stitching. Dont know how strong that would be. Check ebay for Teknic Chicane or dominator suits. The chicane would be around $5-600 landed. Just go into PS or somewhere similar and try em on.
  3. Okay thats what I was trying to find out

  4. The Colins suits look pretty good...I have an AGV suit that I am pretty happy with...depends on what you want to spend...even a cheap set of leathers is better than draggins or jeans...

  5. rjays stealth

    I tried this suit on last night and promptly put it on layby... stitching looked good and the fit was perfect for me, and also enough movement to get my leg over my lc4 which was the problem I had finding a decent suit in the first place.

    The main attraction for me is the minimalistic styling.. the pictures from the website don't really do the suit justice as it's actually much blacker and the logo's don't seem to stand out so much.. anyway fitted me well and was tight in all the right areas
  6. I've got r-jays gloves and a tank bag.

    Their products are crap
  7. I checked their suits, I didn't think they looked quality enough for me. I ended up getting a Collins 1-piece Suzuka suit and its perfect. The quality and fit are up there with the best
  8. Wet Weather Pants

    Some of them might be - I'm v. happy with my wet weather pants for $70 made out of 3M Scotch Bright :)

    (although the pocket zippers could be better thought out)
  9. I have rjays wet weather gear too and i gotta say theyre pretty good, not one leak yet
  10. RJays Wet Weather Gear

    Hi Robbied - are you using an R-Jays Jacket?

    I have DriRider Summit2 and If I ride for, say 30 mins, in very heavy rain I'll end up with a wet stomach - water works it's way through the zippers.

    How do you (or anyone else) rate the R-Jays in that respect?


  11. Re: RJays Wet Weather Gear

    My DriRider Extreme does the same thing.