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Rjays Seat Bag ..will the exhaust melt my straps?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Tired of using a backpack strapped to the seat ( everything got squashed ), and heading out to the Island on Sunday, I decided to buy one of these...

    Problem I have is that the straps come around under the tail and above the exhaust. One strap rests on the outer exhaust shield. Whislt riding the exhaust does not feel hot at all. However once the bike is turned off aprox 10 min, there is serious heat there. I could always remove the bag once stopped, but that can be a nuicance. Was thinking.. is there something I could use that is heat resisitant to insulated the straps with?
    Perhaps some kevlar off an old pair of jeans ??
    Any Tips woud be appreciated.
    PS: the pic is not of my hornet, but the exhaust configuration is similar.
  2. Sheesh ... was it that DUMB a question?
  3. I know you can get some heat shield repellent thingy patches from bikemart in ringwood.

    It's looks like foil and i think they use it on the inside of fairing to repel the muffler heat.

    Is there another way to tie the bag down with some ocky straps??
  4. Or just buy a roll of self-adhesive aluminium plumbers tape - most hardware stores should stock it.
  5. Thank Guys ..
    may try those suggestions. I've noticed that even the trip to PI, the Exhaust Shield was still only 'warm'. I guess the wind rushing past whilst riding removes the heat :?:
  6. I wanted some sort of luggage like that, but I think that my exhaust (undertail) would just fry the straps...