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RJays SB10 Tail Pack

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Smithy-II, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I bought one of these yesterday:

    I was told it was a simple system of strapping the base part to your seat and then clip the bag on. As you can see from the website, there are basically no further instructions and I really can't work out how to attach it to my CBR500??

    The straps are not long enough to go around the whole rear seat bit, well not to connect to anything anyway. The best I can see, is that I can make a loop with the attachment straps back to their own base which has a strap buckle thing (like your helmet but with hard plastic), but I am not sure what the loop would attach to?

    I can just put the whole attachment pad under the back seat, but it doesn't really seem right?

    I look forward to all any suggestions. I can probably get some photos of any part if needed?

  2. I have a similar tail bag (US-10 from Kriega) and I have connected it under the seat to the frame. I'm guessing those straps should go under the seat (in one side out the other)... would need better photos of the straps...
  3. Pretty sure straps go around the seat only then clip the seat back on.
  4. This is it. Definitely doesn't go all the way around. Like the two straps would cross, but not come back to the tightening bit.

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    In my humble opinion based on the design of that strap cluster, and the attachments present in the picture, here's how i think it's meant to be attached.

    The two middle straps would wrap around the frame and come back to themselves. (see my straps pics for my bike)

    The other straps would simply jut out from under the seat and clip into the tail bag. (see how my straps attach on my tail bag)


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  6. Hi Smithy

    I've got the same tail bag and it's on my CB500X, so I assume the under-seat geometry is identical to your CBR.

    I've got the pad under the seat, as in your original shot, but I've got it upside down to how you have it. I tried your way first but found it was too difficult to tighten the straps attached to the bag when the 'loose' ends were on the inside. When you flip the pad over, the attaching straps are the other way around making tightening a lot easier.

    The only issue with this is that it means the thin little securing straps on the pad itself are now 'upside down' when you try to attach them to the frame on each side of the under-seat storage area. It's fiddly ti tighten them but very achievable. I figured I'd be tightening and loosening the bag straps often, but the securing straps under the seat hardly ever - so I left it like this. It works fine for me!

    Jaytee - great photos!!!

    IMG_1942.JPG IMG_1943.JPG IMG_1944.JPG IMG_1945.JPG
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  7. Mine seems different. I've tried to capture the only possible mounting points. They are really fiddly though!

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  8. That's if I tie it to the mounting points I have, but that's going to make the bag sit quite far forward and the straps would be in the way of putting the tail back on? It really seems the pad should sit on top of the seat somehow?

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    Bugger - forgot the CBR seat is a two-piece. Yeah, I dunno. The only thing I can think of is to add an extra strap to the existing securing strap (i.e. lengthening it) plus sewing on a new strap to run north-south, while the existing strap goes east-west. That might be the only way to properly secure the bag in an over-the-seat arrangement.

    If you go with what you have in the photo above, could you run each of the the rear straps out between the silver grab handle bolts, locking them in that position when the seat's replaced? That may, at least, provide a more rearward position and you should have enough slack in the straps to do it.
  10. No, there is no gap really between the bolts on my bike. I was thinking about maybe some no sew velcro to put on the straps under the cowl? I really want the pad to be on the top, as I am looking at buying the cowl without seat from ebay at some stage.
  11. I'm sure you'll figure something out. As long as the final result is nice and secure - don't want it coming off without your permission!
  12. True dat!

    I might call back round the shop tomorrow after my morning ride and ask. He knows what I ride and said it would be good for the bike, so maybe they have better ideas.
  13. Sounds like a plan. This one was pretty much the perfect match for MY seat configuration but could be another model or brand is better suited to the traditional sport bike set-up.

    Once you find one the right one though - you'll find it's awesome. My only concern is the contortions I sometimes have to do to swing the old leg a bit higher when the tailbag's on!
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  14. When the bag is off the bike are the straps and clips just thrashing around? That would be bad......

    Looks like you might be able to remove the grab handle, thread the straps underneath, then replace?
  15. Yeah, I have been thinking the same thing about the straps flapping about. Would be better if I could clip them to each other or something? Will definitely go back tomorrow and see what they suggest. Think I should be able to fit in a trip over there at some stage?
  16. I know with Kreiga there are strap 'keepers' or 'connectors'

    I don't use the clips - I prefer the loops and hooks.

    I'm sure there is a solution.......
  17. Looks like a good system. I didn't really shop around much. They were having a sale and I was easily talked into something. If all else fails, I may get a refund and just stick with the backpack for now. It's mainly for getting my water bottle and lunches to work, or if I plan on buying things.
  18. I'd look out for a couple of clips / plates that you can thread the two centre ties through and then bolt them under the forward set of bolts in your picture.
    Like the bolt links for child seats.
    Try fitting a couple of washers under the bolts first to ensure that the extra height of the heads won't foul anything on the bottom of the seat.
    If it all fits well then you'd be good to go.

    A couple of keepers or similar would be ideal to keep the clips neat and under control while the bags not fitted.
    You can make them yourself, just get some webbing and clips to match the ones on the straps.
    You can get the webbing at spotlight or similar, and clips from any outdoor store.
  19. Think I am sold on the Kriega stuff. Found a CBR500 Facebook page where they recommended the same thing. And also the CBR500 forums.

    They seem a bit dearer than what I paid, but look like they would be worth it. They appear that something else could be strapped on top, such as a small tent or similar and even hang shopping bags off the side for jandals or other non-weather affected items?

    Just have to see if I can get a refund on the Rjays bag now.
  20. The Kriega guys are easy to deal with and provide a great service. I have a US50 Combo (30 + 2x 10).

    Fits well on the little CBR500R.
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