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RJays Octane for mild winter use???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_sikma, May 7, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    Just got myself a *real* bike as apposed to the skoota i had. So now I am looking for some gear.

    I tried the Octane jacket on it and it felt comftorable and warm straight away.

    I noticed it had the removable lining aswell, so I am guessing it would be a great summer jacket.

    But how would it go in the winter? The average trip I would be doing would be 10kms and I wouldnt ride much in the rain?

    Should I get one a bit bigger so I can wear a jumper underneath or just make sure it fits properly without a jumper?


  2. You can pick up last years gear damn cheap, ie, a $400 textile dririder rallycross is going for $150 all over the place with zip out rainproof and quilted liners, very warm.

    You'll find it keeps you dry in all except proper downpours, sustained proper downpours, but then nothing much *will* keep you dry in those situations.

    Just keep a cheap plastic raincoat tucked under the seat for when it rains. It'll also be a greenhouse, as the cheap stuff dont breathe. :p
  3. Taking a removeable liner out of your jacket for summer months will not keep you cool..
  4. It will if its a nearly full mesh jacket.
  5. buy a winter jacket now and get a summer jacket later. ive got both and i every hot day i thank christ ive got a propoer summer jacket. and vice versa on the cold days.
  6. I have ridden in the rain, quite heavy, in an RJays Octane, and stayed dry.

    The liner also keeps you a bit warm, but, really, you need a proper, heavier winter jacket, which should also have a WARM liner, for comfortable riding in the cold months. My experience, at least, is that cold just nags and never goes away.
  7. i was looking at a octane jacket originally, i went with a Ixon Sismic Flash in the end which i'm quite happy with. Both jackets are essentially a mesh jacket with a thermal and a waterproof liner. I get a little cold on any trips over 10 or so kms if its a cold day but when im wearing long sleeves underneath i dont have any problems. If you can afford it then get a summer and a winter jacket, you wont regret it
  8. Can recommend RJays Evo if you are looking for a winter/waterproof.........I've ridden in pissin' down for hours on end and dry as........other than a little damp around the collar.
    Take the thermal liner out when its cool but not cold....is comfortable enough to wear on autumn days.
    This applies to last years model.......I cannot vouch for 2009 updates. :p

  9. The rjays was actually my first pick, but found L a bit too big, and they didnt have any M's in store apart from some dririder gear sooo.