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Rjays jacket & pants for track day?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Pucko, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. I'm planning on doing my first track day before the end of the year and wanted to know if anyone has used or gone for a slide down the road in rjays jacket and pants like the ones in the links below.
    I bought the jacket 6 months ago when I got my bike, it's what I wear every time I ride. It's a good jacket with armor in all the right spots. I'm wondering if I bought the pants as well would they hold up in a stack. Anybody have any feedback on these, cheers.

  2. I have those exact RJays pants that I have worn to about 10 track days. I got them as they fit my RJays jacket as required on the track.

    I will probably see out this season in the same gear but will look at getting a proper one piece for next season.

    Yep they do the job. Part of the reaosn I will upgrade is that the jacket and pants is comfy for touring etc so slightly too big, which is not ideal for track and high speeds as they can move around.

    BTW I haven't had the pleasure of sliding down the road or track in them to date - sorry :)
  3. Oh by the way I bought an aftermarket back protector insert for my RJays jacket. The standard was a diamond-like shape foam one. I found a solid one of the same shape and 'swapped them out' (as the American's say).

    It has hopefully made the gear a little safer for commuting/touring. For track days I either just keep that in, or add a separate stand-alone big proper back protector.
  4. Ok cool, thanks heaps for that mate. Looks like I'll give them a go. I'll end up getting a decent 1 piece suit if I get hooked on track days.(which I'm sure I will :) )
  5. Yes...I think you will :) I just reread an old post from just before my first track day and another member bet that I would get hooked on them. He was right :D

    And good luck with the track day - are you doing EC?
  6. Thanks mate. Yeh, doing EC, cant wait.
  7. Hey [MENTION=24791]Morbo28[/MENTION] , do your pants and jacket zip together all the way around? Because I noticed the zipper on my jacket only goes around probably 3/4 of the way. Wondering if it's a requirement at Eastern Creek to have it zip up all the way around. Think I'll email them to check that.
  8. Hey there...they zip the appropriate amount around :D I guess if my waist is a clock face the zip goes from maybe 11 o'clock around my back to the 1 o'clock position.

    Enough so it's basically as whole way round as you would want, but allows for the jacket to be opened somewhat. If it's the same as mine it's totally fine for EC.