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rJays helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gustyoz, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Hi there, can anyone give some feedback about the quality and comfort of RJays helmets, in particular the TourTech flip up full face model?

  2. not really.
    If you're lucky someone else who has bought one may reply with advice.

    Oh .. and Hi welcome to NR :grin:
  3. Helpful.

    Rjays are cheap. Basically you get what you paid for.
  4. I had a good lock at them a couple of weeks ago. I thought they looked cheap. The vents looked like they would come off after a ride in the rain. For just afew more dollars you could get a plain AGV, Shoei or many other better helmets. They may be cheap but are not good value when you want to replace it after 6 months. I learnt that with a KBC.
  5. +1, I was looking at a few as well and I've decided to go with either a Shoei or Arai as I don't mind putting the extra $$ around the melon.

    Besides a good helmet will last a lot longer if it's looked after.

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Its my first helmet and I'm very happy with it.
    Yeah the vents on the side I've pulled off by accident but they clip right back in.

    Very comfortable too


    The only thing i dont like is the chin strap, but it is comfortable
  7. I own a KBC VR2 and have to say that riding around city area the helmet is fine, but once on freeway/ open area it can get very nosiey due to the poor visor/ air vents. Knowing what I know now I would buy something mid range.
  8. i wear a drilled ex aus post open face, it is the shit!
  9. joel, you drinking again??? :LOL:.
  10. Wife and I have a pair of TourTechs. I'm very pleased with them, except ....

    I was persuaded to buy a Large (always wear XL normally) by the salesperson (who is very cluey -- I mean that sincerely) on the grounds of stretch and wearing in.

    Sadly, this is the only helmet I've owned that didn't stretch -- no more than a couple of mm! With the comms earphones in, it's so bad I can't wear it for more than an hour at a time -- and after a day's ride I have a thumping headache.

    Note: This is my fault, not the helmets.

    I wear earplugs always and my bike puts me up into the slipstream anyway, so ALL helmets are "noisy" to me -- the RJays is certainly no worse.

    However, I'm looking at going up to a Nolan N102 -- if I can find someone who sells them at less than rip-off prices!!
  11. have 3 helmets, HJC, Rjays and Nolan N84.

    HJC is good long lasting workmanlike helmet - reasonably quiet, comfortable, not noisy. 2nd choice
    Rjays - light, noisy, suits a different style of head than mine(!). not vented well. chin strap retention is a rubber band! (excess strap)
    Nolan N84, quiet, light, good fit, double visor system takes some getting used to. Pick of the three.
  12. I have a (more expensive brand) flip-up that no longer flips up, due to broken latch mechanism. I also had RJays overpants that leaked and RJays jacket that still use but I think is of moderate quality at best. On the basis of these experiences, I would not trust RJays to make a decent quality flip-up helmet.
  13. Hey ive got a Rjays striker helmet...only been riding a few weeks but ive found it breaths really well and fits nicely...no complaints....prob best just to go into a shop and try a few on...see what one suit youself
  14. I don't think RJays make them themselves. I'm pretty sure they're based on a snowmobile helmet design, from Vega, and made in China, as many are, no matter who puts their name on them.

    Apart from minor cosmetic differences, it bears a remarkable similarity to this:


  15. I've got a couple of R-jays products and have had some in the past. When I bought them I was fully aware they were the crappest item I was buying, but was happy to do so given the price.

    I would never buy an R-Jays Helmet.
  16. Yes of course their gear is made for them in China. Makes no difference in my opinion of their quality, but if you want, I will rephrase it: "I would not trust Rjays to get a decent quality flip-up helmet made for them". Is that better? As is often pointed out, the main difference between decent products manufactured in China and crappy products manufactured in China is the amount of effort and money spent on quality control. If that's the case, then RJays seem to let a lot of things slide.

    As for that Vega reviewed by webbikeworld, have a read to the end: while the reviewers liked the quality of their sample, the comments from readers mention things like difficulty in operating the lid, so even if Rjays is the same helmet (which is quite possible) I'm still not convinced it's that great in the long run.
  17. While I could well do without your snarky attitude, I acknowledge that everyone's entitled to an opinion. Having owned an RJays helmet, I can only tell you it's "wearing" better than my brother-in-law's Nolan, bought at the same time. There is less scuffing, and the interior shows fewer signs of wear. The Nolan does, however, have what appears to be a tougher visor. Your mileage may vary.

    PS: I read for a living; yes, I did read the reviews, which are at odds with my own experience.

    PPS: As a general rule, I'll only keep a helmet for two to, at the most, three years before buying a new one. Given that, I'm not overly concerned with "the long run".
  18. Bought one recently for my daughter; heap of crap, wish I didn't - the moment it was banged against the table the top vent came off, and whilst it's comfortable enough there is no room to fit sunglasses ... didn't think to check this when I bought it.

    It looks good, for what it's worth, it has a nice shape and it's quieter than I imagined.
  19. Got an RJays helmet (Razor), comfortable enough, BUT, when I went to get a tinted visor, found out that the visors stocked for that helmet would not fit. They'd changed the mounting postition slightly, even the 2 dealers I tried were not aware of the change. Managed to get one eventually on special order.
    Actually got a RJays leather as well (very comfortable, love it), and a rain jacket (happy with that too).
    (Haven't got everything RJays though. DriRider rain pants and gloves, Motoline tank bag.)
  20. rjays gp1 or 2 i cant remember (salesman told me its the same as striker), is the only helmet that fits me reallllly well.
    the kbc vr2 was really painful at the forehead area. and i was using a friends kylin (ebay), he used it for his pillion. and it felt really cheap... didnt fit properly, hard to use visor etc and padding was limited...

    i geuss that rjays is your top of the bottom helmet... i paid 175 for mine. i think they were retail for 229ish