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RJays Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by davidk, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Good morning all,
    I have just recently got back into riding :happy:
    Anyway, when I ordered my bike I also bought a helmet ....RJays TSS Tourer Tech.
    (I got it cheap...$130)
    I like the fact that its full face but also opens up when you are off the bike, its pretty comfy too, maybe a little heavy.
    My problem is that when I ride the wind whistles like crazy around the helmet....even at low speeds :grumpy:
    I don't like to ride with the visor fully down, it makes me feel disconnected from the world outside....so I leave it up a little, I like fresh air too!
    So...is there something I can do about this? Is it me or the helmet? If I get a better helmet will I still get all of the wind noise? I have no problem in getting a different helmet (would have to be the same lift up style though) but don't want to spend $$$ just to find that the wind is still whistling dixie in my face!
    Any suggestions/ideas are very welcome please (y)

  2. You using earplugs? If you aren't, use it!
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  3. I've got an Rjays helmet, it's comfy but rather loud. Better (usually more expensive) helmets may be quieter. That being said, I can't recommend any because my helmet is the first one I've owned and I haven't tried any others yet.
  4. My Rjays Tourtech is no louder than a couple of other helmets I have.Ear plugs do the job of quietening things
  5. Earplugs. Some of the more expensive helmets are known for their improved airflow. Airflow=wind noise unfortunately.
  6. Yeah earplug it up.

    I have a EVS Cypher helmet which is a sub $200 helmet. Its quite loud as one would expect, but fits perfectly and with ear plugs is 100% fine.
  7. I would have thought that any helmet will be noisy with the visor cracked open, even at quite low speeds. Maybe you should be looking for a helmet with better ventilation with the visor closed.

    But first step is certainly to try ear protection, those wind whistles can quickly and easily damage your hearing.
  8. Thank you everyone for the advice :happy:
    It looks like earplugs are the first thing to try...I will give them a go! :facepalm: