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rjays has snell and dot surley has to mean something?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. the rjays striker helmet is $ 179 and is snell and dot rated but is plastic (they have a fancy name for it) so does that mean that it would be better than a fibreglass one at the bottom end of the range that has neither of the ratings or is there a flaw in getting the ratings . i have heard that it might have been able to get these ratings because it was harder internal foam or something does this aid in force dispersion on impact or would a softer internal shell be better. I am really considering buying one as my first helmet. it was the only brand that i really felt comy in (i have xs head) the arai vector was also very comfy but just out of my price range which is about two fifty max right now.
    can anyone suggest any other that fits like rjays and arai but is also in my price range .
    any help much appreciated

  2. Personally, I wouldn't skimp on a helmet.

    Now with that said you should do some g00gling of reviews and ratings for different brands/models, keep in mind the relative prices and how they compare to the various protection assessments.

    I personally know the benefits of composite material (fibreglass/kevlar/carbon composites) because I worked to develop a new one. In the process i had to read up on the scientific literature.

    what i'd suggest is that the plastic helmet will be much heavier because they need more material to meet the impact, wear, and penetration requirements of the standard.
  3. Check the ratings of different helmets at the UK's SHARP Helmet Safety Scheme. Wish I'd seen it before I bought the KBC ForceRR :(
  4. Ouch, one star!

    But it does have "RR" after the title.

    I'm still not all that convinced about that site...
  5. ;0

    have you tried heeps of helmets on????
    find one that fits right with an xs head it can be difficult, i know coz i have one.
    you pay for what you get unless u get some crazy discount some how.
    if you buy cheap and it fits cheap you will regret it and just buy another one. i just bought my second helmet and i have been riding around 1 month. both fit very differently. shoei makes a gr8 helmet for xs heads and my new helmet is agv and fits gr8 2.

    good luk.
  6. thats the study i was thinking of. ^^
  7. You wont find RJays on it though. I'm guessing they don't sell them in the UK?
  8. You get the best lid you can afford. If that's a $250 RJays one that fits good, don't stress.

    I have never heard anyone biatch that they should have had a better helmet after a crash.
  9. verry true.

    plenty of Ii wish i wore proper boots""i wish i wore leathers not draggins" (ive had that one myself) "i wish i wore gloves"

    never seen a "if i spent $1100 on a lighter aero dynamic helmet i would have more brain function"

    i think its possibley verry much of a muchness.

    ...and yes im totally aware of why that is and it was tounge in cheek
  10. Buy what you like it's your head. Would I wear a $179 Rjays helmet? Probably not.
  11. But I would, and I do. Okay it was $230 two years back. I have an RJays GP-1 Fugitive in solid black.

    RJays is a middle of the road product. I had some problems which the finish initially, cosmetic stuff, but RJays had no problem changing over helmets for me. It was in their early days for helmets, and they were learning, and no doubt clarifying quality requirements with their suppliers in China. KBC used to make them, and I assume still do.

    There are lots of arguments about plastic versus composite. As an engineer, I prefer composite as it does crush and therefore absorb impact energy. Plastic tends to deflect and rebound, which must pass more energy through to be absorbed by the internal foam (and your head). Plastic does do a nice job of reducing the peak impact load though. Maybe a bit better than composite.

    Comfort and fit should be your first priority. My Rjays isn't the smallest, or lightest helmet (1550 grams), but it isn't bad. It does produce more wind noise than I like though.

    You should buy the best you can afford though. I see RJays now have a GP-2 with solid colours or graphics, for $230 and $250 respectively. The GP-2 is a composite helmet. Why don't you get one of those instead of the plastic one? http://www.rjays.com.au/home/home.html

    Edit: Sorry, KBC, not HBC. :oops:
  12. i have a soumy fazer that i got for $179 (sure its worth more when they arent runnout)

    i also have a fox tracer that I got for $129 (retails around 180ish)

    I have no fear riding with them on and I believe they will protect my noggin as well as any rossi replica.

    I have stacked it on the track with the soumy (didnt ground the lid)and i have no fear in riding with either at serious speed, im wearing the tracer this weekend on a gocart track.

    i have never regretted buying any expensive apparell for my bike. and i have regretted buying some cheaper gear. however with theese 2 lids i am completley happy. I didnt want to blow a grand on a lid....id rather sink that into a new brake setup that will hopefully mean less spills lol

    having said that theese helmets arent exsactly your 49 chineese specials. i rate the soumy verry highly

    my 38c
  13. That's as much as I've ever seen you write! :p
    ... didn't know til now that you could string more than one sentence together! Hehe! :wink:
  14. I've got the $170 Striker. I bought it cause it was the best fit, the flames and robots had nothing to do with it... :grin:
  15. I trust SNELL more than DOT rating, i can't remember where i had read from, but it was said SNELL had more steps or better details in their testing, you'd probably get more info if you try googling on the net for information.

    Many helmet brands pay huge amount of money to get motogp riders to wear their brand, and in order to cover up for this cost, consumers end up paying for it. If X brand and Z brand both pass the same test, so why would you spend more money other than for comfort and luxury? Any more severe, your neck would probably break first before your helmet :cool:

    Besides spending as much on safety the next level of spending should be on comfort, different helmet brand has suits different head shapes better.

    So if a 200dollars Rjay suit you and is comfortable, why spend 800dollars on something which doesn't protect you more than what a 200dollars helmet would?
  16. I've got a Shark RS Fusion I paid $200 for. It was the only helmet that fit me properly and a year on it still feels great. I tried on the $800 helmets, and after a couple of minutes they felt like a giant rubber band around my skull.

    It is better to have a helmet that fits well and is comfortable than to have an expensive helmet that give you a headache and makes it hard to concentrate on the road. :)
  17. Did some googling on the net, and found this re Snell testing
  18. re the snell artical

    now im even more confused ? to snell or not to snell that is the question
    anyones thoughts on the artical would be great
  19. As long as a helmet meets either standard, it is way better than one that meets none, or no helmet at all. No helmet is going to protect you from all impacts, so avoid the impact, and stop worrying about the helmet.

    Look instead at the fit, comfort, build quality, warranty and service of the supplier, and other "soft" measures. Safety is a given via compliance with a standard.

    I am more inclined to research a brand and model on the web for things like weight, noise levels, catches and closures not working, plastic falling off or breaking, paint peeling off, sun damage, straps breaking, vents not providing air flow, removability and replacability of inserts (really, not claimed, as many do), lift created in an air stream, vulnerability to buffering, force on the neck when your head is turned, suitability for bluetooth radio devices, colour and/or graphic selection, and so on. So do that, then get out and enjoy the riding. :grin:
  20. Im a man of few words, that is all