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Rjays gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by demuire, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. First question: Does RJays have a website? Almost seems strange to me that a company that appears to be quite big doesn't appear to have a website?

    Second: What is the quality of their gear like? Looking around on the net for reviews of RJays gear, a lot of people seem to say that they're not very good (in particular, this thread: http://www.oroadsports.com/viewtopic.php?t=2192&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0)

    I know they're cheaper than most of the other "big brand names" so I'd expect that they aren't as good, but are they *particularly* bad? Or are people just whinging because it isn't as good as the more expensive stuff?
  2. I have an rjays leather jacket, paid like $220 for it on sale and its comfy as! I'm very happy with it TBH. Although i havn't given it a "road test" yet... :shock:
  3. Hi Demuire. I use an armoured rjays jacket, and apart from some issues with fit, I like it well enough. I smacked into a barricade a few months ago and the jacket held up remarkably well, leather is marked but not scratched, and the armour saved my shoulder from being mangled. Only issue I have is that the single stitching where the leather joins the kevlar panels under the arms has torn open as a result of the crash. Haven't got it fixed yet, so I'm obviously not too concerned about it. My suggestion is to look for double stitching as it a good idea not just for protection, but for the longevity of the jacket. I would probably cough up the extra for a joe rocket or tiger angel ($$$) jacket when I buy another one, but I would recommend the brand as a first jacket.
  4. i used to not believe in brand power that much. i thought that if a company was more efficient then they can produce high quality products for a cheaper price. so i went to MCAS and bought the best rjays cordura pants. lightning cordura 1000 and was pretty pleased.

    then other week i had a minor off and a hole alittle large than a 50cent piece was ripped outta the right knee!!! this was a minor off where i didn't slide more than a metre! i mean these are suppose to be motorcycle pants not trakies. i don't think there would be anything left of the pants if i was in a real crash. now i don't know if its cordura or rjays but i know the next time i'll be buying leather or another brand.
  5. RJay's does tend to fall apart fairly quickly.

    My first Rjay gloves lasted under a year.
    My jacket (nomad), is still okay, but stiching is starting to go. 3 years old. Has protected me in 2 offs though.
    My second Rjay gloves, much, much better. Over a year old now, and damn comfortable with no signs of falling apart.
    My Rjay Tank bag has fallen apart. Though I suspect that's also due to me putting a lot of heavy stuff in it.
    The Rjay panniers are fine.
  6. just reading the latest copy of 'two wheels' and in the 'chainmail' section of the mag a guy writes in to express his praise of his rjays two piece leathers.

    after hearing some horror stories of this brand perhaps this is them writing themselves up???

    anyhoo, i own the 'tempest' textile pant. had it for about 3mths and have had no problems to date. keeps the weather out. mainly use it as an overpant which works well.
  7. No i dont think they have a website. I actually have an RJAYS leather jacket myself and it seems to be holding up fine. If you look after things they last, if you treat them like shit they fall apart.
  8. I have with the exception of a pair of leather gloves used RJAY's. No issues with the qualty.

    I also have an RJAY's jacket that survived a 25km/h slide down the road, with only ripping two stitches off the shoulder padding.

    My fiancee on the other hand, found her RJAY's jacket ended up with holes in the jacket (and friction burns to herself) in a lower speed accident. Her RJAY's pants lasted no where near as long as mine have (1 year, compared to 3 and counting) and mine are used more.
  9. you'll find the quality difference between leather and textile jackets is vast in a make :)
  10. I have had the Rjays stuff and came off and was very unhappy with how they held up compared to my Dainese cordura jacket.

    I have heard a few too many bad things about it and really believe that spending a little bit more to get quality is better, if you can afford it. If not, some protection is better than none.

  11. After my last summer jacket & the last pair of gloves... I am NEVER getting Rjay's again! I very much doubt it would have held up if I came off (The gloves I mean, not so much the jacket.. which tore about 3 weeks after getting it)
  12. Hmm, interesting. Are the other jackets around the same sort of price range all like this?

    Are there any other brands are there that are reasonably affordable (ie, towards the budget range) and reasonably good?
  13. Another question, some jackets give a "denier" rating, and others give a "D" rating, is "denier" = "D"?

    For example, DriRider Aspen is 500 denier, but DriRider DriMesh is 300D?
  14. D is denier.

  15. On the subject of price versus quality:
    RIDE magazine (UK) recently did an extensive test and comparison of leather suits, including crash testing with a dummy (Mythbusters style!).
    Although a top price custom made brand came out on top, it was surprising to see the cheapest model came second. And relatively expensive brands like Dainese and Alpinestars did poorly. Also worth noting was that individual garment models from the same brand varied very widely, and again, not according to price.
    so it seems price is not always a good indicator.
    I think all you can do is look at the construction of the garment and make your own judgement. I'd be looking for a solid feeling material (cow or kangaroo hide if leather) concealed stitching (and/or double row), armour that stays in the right place, comfort and last of all, looks.
  16. i've had by rjays leather gloves for almost 3 years now and they're still in almost as the same condition as i the day i bought them. no complaints from me :)
  17. What about brown bear leather? They seem to make nice stuff, or at least nice looking stuff...
  18. I bought an Rjays cordera jacket and have been pretty happy with it. It has solid armour in the shoulders and elbows, yet it's nice and cool in the hot weather. Later I bought the matching pants with solid armour in the knees and padded hips. Even with the thermal liner removed they're still pretty hot. Nowhere near as cool as the jacket. I should have gotten Draggins.
  19. I have an RJays mesh jacket for summer riding (a poor man's dri mesh jacket), the adjusters for the wrists and waist are good and the armour also feels sturdy. It also looks better than the DriRider equivalent and feels rip- proof enough to give me peace of mind. The advice to examine the quality of the product and make your own judgement is perfectly sound. A leather jacket with armoured panels is going to give you a good level of protection regardless of the brand and if it comes apart in a crash it still will have saved your skin first (short of a race track slide I haven't heard of leather wearing through from just one crash). If that happens just buy a new one.
  20. I had a dri rider summer jacket, wore it for the first time in months, put it on and thought this is awful :( I then bought the rjays supervent II, and it's great :D It has CE approved armour, kevlar patches on the arms, more back protection than the other summer jackets, and a little strap at the back you attach to your belt to stop the jacket riding up..