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RJays Explorer 2 Stout

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by danceswithdingoes, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Being short and fat with t-rex arms there wasn't a lot of safety gear for people like me. Anything 6xl or so would see the elbow armour well over my wrists. I saw a brief ad for the stout and parted with $319 for the stout 3 which features a 7xl body and xl sleeves. Guess what, fits like a glove, even with the liner in, has all the pockets and vents, is waterproof and the armour is where it should be. I'm about the take the plunge with a pair of Rjays 'all season stout' pants (if anyone has any feedback that would be appreciated.) Now I have to ask RJays if they can do gloves in large sizes with stubby fingers :)

  2. I use the RJays All Season textile pants - in the stout range as well. Personally I love them - comfortable to ride in and waterproof too.

    Actually I've got a heap of RJays gear and use it all regularly. Very happy with it all.